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See How the BMW S 1000 RR Came to be and Evolved

020 BMW S1000RR

So Much Progress

The BMW S 1000 RR is one of the best literbikes out there, and it got its start in 1992. Back then it was called the R 1100 RS. Today it’s a much more impressive machine, and it has taken a lot of work and development by the Bavarian motorcycle manufacturer to get the motorcycle to the point it’s at now. The YouTube channel FreeWheelie recently put out a video that shows the evolution of the BMW S 1000 RR throughout the last several decades. 

The video starts with the R 1100 RS, then moves on to the R 1100 S, and then to the R 1200 S, then the HP2 Sport, then the first real S 1000 RR in 2009. From there it has been all about refining that package and making the S 100 RR the best sportbike it could possibly be.

Some riders would put the start of the S 1000 RR at the 2009 mark, but I like that FreeWheelie went back to 1992 and showed the evolution from the point of the R 1100 RS. It helps demonstrate how far BMW’s sportbikes have really come over the last few decades, and it foreshadows what is yet to come from the German manufacturer. You can check out the video below.