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Risemousse Reveals Tire Mousse for On-Road Motorcycles

Cross section of the B-Sure tech on a tire

We see several new motorcycles and technological advancements at EICMA every year. This year’s lineup included a revolutionary bike from MV Agusta, new accessories from GIVI, and multiple new projects from Brembo. In the midst of all this, a rather exciting piece of tech seems to have flown by under the radar. 

An Italian firm called Risemousse has developed a road-tire mousse system called B-Sure. In application, it’s pretty similar to run-flat tires that are quite common in the automotive space. 

Cross section of the B-Sure tech on a tire

A puncture on a tubeless motorcycle tire is significantly more straightforward to fix than one on a tubed tire. With a tubeless tire, you only need to plug the hole — as long as it’s a small one — inflate the tire, and you’ll be good to go. However, most motorcycles, predominantly those that run spoked wheels, still rely on a tube within the tire to keep the air in. If the tube is punctured, you’ll have to get the wheel off its axis to fix the hole. This can be pretty problematic.

Off-road riders sometimes kit their motorcycle tires with foam, or mousse, in place of the air-filled tube to prevent punctures. However, the downside to these is that they have to be replaced often as they wear out from constantly brushing against the inner walls of the tire. 

Cross section of the B-Sure tech on a tire

The new B-Sure tech aims to solve that problem. The company’s foam tube has a small air gap between it and the tire, reducing friction and thus allowing it to last much longer. The two-part system includes the donut-shaped insert and a tire pressure monitoring sensor linked to a small screen next to the bike’s info cluster. 

In the event of a puncture, the tire-pressure monitor is triggered. Like with run-flat tires in cars, the mousse allows the bike to be still ridden, albeit at lower speeds, which should let you ride to safety.

Risemousse claims three years life span for the mousse, which is about the lifespan of a tire. Risemousse has mentioned that the foam for Urban and Adventure tires will launch in Spring 2022. Eventually, the company will also have the tech available for Chopper, Tourer, and Sports motorcycles. However, it has been said that you can’t take the sportsbike tires racing or on a track, leading us to believe that there might be a speed limitation with the product.

Source: TopSpeed