EICMA 2021: Motorcycle Gadget Company GIVI Launches New Accessories

A view of the lineup available from GIVI

Motorcycle Gear Brand GIVI has just announced their new line at this year’s EICMA – and the list of items includes flask/bottle holders for those of you in possession of adventure-tourers

On top of the bags, top boxes, soft panniers and helmets, the report from RideApart states that the lineup also includes a bottle holder (and flask holder) for sport-touring motorcycles. 

A view of the lineup available from GIVI

A neat concept, and one that GIVI has tricked out with super grippy material for the bottle/flask holder, with a locking clasp to secure the vessel of choice when you’re ready to swing a leg over. 

A view of the lineup available from GIVI

If you’re looking for a rehydrating option for your machine and are the type to pack a plan B fuel container, GIVI is also selling fuel flasks that can be attached to a set of panniers and hold around two-third of a gallon (2.5 litres) of fuel. 

Expect this lineup to be available around Spring of 2022, with pricing to be released soon – here’s the live coverage the brand has released onto one of their media platforms from EICMA, complete with breakdowns of every accessory in the new lineup

A view of the lineup available from GIVI

For more information on all things EICMA, head over to the new “EICMA2021” category that we’ve curated just for you, and as ever – stay safe on the twisties.

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