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Rider abused for honking cop on phone

Cop-on-Phone honking

This video shows a rider honking his horn at a driver in front at a roundabout because he was on the phone and not moving. It turns out to be a Denver cop who then unloads abuse on rider Devin Jones and threatens to fine him for road rage.


So who is at fault here? Both!

Yes, police are allowed to use a hand-held phone while driving on special occasions.

Click here to watch an Indian cop slap a rider complaining about him using a mobile phone.

In many jurisdictions, police are given certain leeway in breaking some road rules such as using a mobile phone while driving or even speeding, so long as they are “taking reasonable care” or in an emergency situation.

In the case of an emergency, the police vehicle should have the sirens and lights operating at the time if they are fitted to the vehicle.

Colorado law says cell phone use while driving is illegal, although any motorist is allowed to use a cell phone in an emergency.

However, this officer didn’t have his lights or siren on and was simply blocking traffic and causing road rage.

In fact, the video shows a couple of vehicles mount the median strip to pass the stationary motorcycle and police Ford SUV.

Maybe he was ordering a pizza and was so embarrassed he let fly at the rider.


Cop-on-Phone honking
Rider makes the universal sign for using a phone

On the other hand, was it road rage or simply courteous honking from the rider?

Well, Devin is certainly in a jolly mood and making a bit of a meal of swerving around the potholes (and even when there aren’t potholes).

The cop actually takes up this complaint with Devin who disputes he was “hot-dogging”.

But the rider was in a bit of a contrary mood.

You can tell from Devin’s comments on the video, his weaving and his revving of the bike just before he pulls up. What was that for?

He gives a polite honk at first, then a prolonged honk to which the office took exception.Cop-on-Phone honking

The officer wouldn’t have heard Devin say “get off your fucking phone”!

Riders should be aware that, in some countries, it is not only rude to honk but even illegal.

As the officer says, it could be considered road rage and he could have written him an infringement notice.

However, Denver Police later said it is not considered road rage to use your horn in Colorado, but could still be illegal.

The Colorado law states:

The driver of a vehicle, when reasonably necessary to ensure safe operation, shall give an audible warning with his horn, but shall not otherwise use such horn when upon a street or highway.


The lessons here are to be polite, don’t engage in road rage and use the horn as a warning only, not as a weapon.

As we’ve said before, riders usually come off second-best in a road rage duel … especially if you engage with a cop!

In this incidence, the copper lets Devin off after chastising him.

Maybe they’ve both learnt a lesson. We hope so.

  1. No way..that’s crazy…..seriously. What’s the law on phone use….period….. That’s the law. The guy got caught out….. End of story. Should go to the brass……

  2. Whom ever wrote this article is clueless. First off, one of the most dangerous situations for a motorcyclist is being stopped behind a car, especially at an intersection thats a yield and not a stop where cars behind are expecting to be moving. Cops on bikes are killed all the time when they are stopped behind cars. Secondly, who writes “contrary” Lastly, most countries other than the usa, honking the horn is casually done. What country is it excessively rude in besides the usa? And by the way, Honking isn’t road rage, although it makes people have road rage, clearly in this video as well.

  3. This author must be on drugs. The point of cars being required to have a working horn is so it can be used to communicate to other drivers, typically in dangerous situations. The biker gave a short honk but there was no immediate response (because the cop was distracted) so he gave a long honk to get the attention. Notice the cop started to drive then stopped, a clear sign he was NOT paying attention to the road. Nothing about this is even borderline illegal. Then to bring up other countries’ laws makes no sense. This is in America so only American laws matter.

    Clearly the author has an agenda against bikers.

  4. The only road rage is coming from this donkey cop that should be facing discipline after trying to use his badge to scare the biker into submission. He talks about this biker nit knowing the law yet he is forgetting that he is an unmarked and unidentified cop and until he is identified as a cop, he is a regular Joe. This D-bag obviously has a huge ego and is nothing short of a liability with a gun.

  5. That cop should have been reported and reprimanded. He was WAY out of line

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