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R&G Bar End Sliders Review

R&G Bar End Sliders

Review Summary
Fitting bar end weights or bar end sliders sliders is usually pretty straightforward when hand guards aren’t involved.

But when they are, it can be difficult to find a simple kit that doesn’t conflict with one of the components.

Fortunately, we have the R&G Bar End Slider Kit. It’s simple, easy to install and they look good.

Hopefully, the protectors will also be up to their designated task…although not finding out is just fine also, thank you.

Installation on the BMW S1000XR is easy: remove the stock end screws, slide a flat washer and slider spindle over the supplied screws and remount everything.

Adjust the hand guard location and then torque the new hardware. That’s it.

R&G Bar End Slider Kit


I haven’t yet succumbed to the oft-expressed requirement for some sort of bar end weight that will (might) help quell the vibrations that many users report on the S1000XR.

My reasoning is simple: don’t need ‘em.

By 1,400 km (870 miles), the vibrations in the S1000XR handlebars had started to smooth out nicely and at this point in time, about a 1,000 km later, the bars are virtually vibration or tingle free at any RPM.

And things are getting smoother all the time.

The sum of the S1000XR parts is indeed finding its rhythm, as is the rider. You really do need to give it some time and the rewards will be there.

So I was not worried about adding bar end weights but I did want to add some simple but effective bar end sliders, just as a bit of extra insurance and admittedly, for a bit of style. The R&G kit fills my requirements.


The R&G bar end Slider Kit is Part #BE0072BK and it fits the BMW R 1200 GS and GS Adventure models (2013+) and S 1000 XR models.

The kit components include:

  • Two spindles, 30 mm diameter by 26 mm in height with 10 mm centre holes.
  • Two M10 x 70 mm screws with flat washers.

Tools Required for Assembly

  • Torx T50 socket.
  • 8 mm Allen-head socket for both sides.


I used the Torx T50 socket to remove the M10 x 50 mm OE screw without disturbing the aluminum recess spacer.

I then added a light coat of medium thread locking compound and started the M10 x 70 mm screw with flat washer that comes in the slider kit and lightly tightened it into the handlebar insert.

Repeat this process for the right side.

Once both pieces are in place, the hand guards can be re-aligned as desired and then the bar end slider screws can be tightened to the specified torque value listed by BMW.

Check the screws after a couple of days and then weekly thereafter.

I’ve found that the handlebar end screws on many Beemers tend to back off a bit over time, no matter how smooth the handlebars feel. Medium thread locking compound works, along with weekly checks.

R&G Bar End Slider Installed


The R&G bar end slider kit is one of the simplest and easiest accessory products to install and of course, to put on display, hopefully without also putting them to actual use.

Bottom line: this kit is simple and stylish and it provides inexpensive protection enhancement.

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