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REV’IT! Women’s Motorcycle Clothing Review

REV'IT! Factor Women's Motorcycle Pants

Review Summary

REV’IT! has an extensive line of women’s motorcycle clothing for all seasons.

This is the combination of the “Cami” top and “Panta” bottom base layers.

Also the “Factor” Ladies Trouser.

And the women’s version of the “Fahrenheit” gloves and the “Jade” boots.

All of this gear makes a great year-round outfit suitable for both cold and warm weather.

REV’IT! has been making motorcycle clothing since 1995 and we’ve reviewed many REV’IT! items on webBikeWorld, but all of them have been designed for men.

But REV’IT! offers a huge line of clothing and accessories, and they also have one of the largest selections of women’s motorcycle clothing in the world — that is, clothing that is specifically designed and sized for women.

The goal of all motorcycle clothing manufacturers should be to design clothing that looks good, is comfortable and keeps the motorcyclist safe.

We think that when it comes to the gear we’ve been wearing, including the Ladies Factor Pants, the base layer thermal wear, Fahrenheit gloves and the Jade boots, REV’IT! has done this while also living up to their reputation for innovation and high quality.

We started this evaluation back in the fall, starting with a lazy ride to nowhere on a sunny fall day with the temperature in the mid to low-60’s. Now that we’re deep into winter, that weather seems like a dream, but nevertheless, 60 degrees can still feel pretty chilly!

Kim is comfortable in only a very limited temperature range, so she was worried that she might get cold during fall riding weather.

Fortunately there was nothing to be concerned about, because the gear works well in a wide variety of temperatures. Daphne took over once winter arrived, and continued the evaluation until it became too cold to ride.

The REV’IT! women’s collection uses the same “Engineered Skin” innovative fabric technology used in the REV’IT! men’s line. This is REV’IT!’s unique approach that was developed to improve the fit and safety performance of motorcycle clothing.

One of the best things about REV’IT! women’s clothing is that the garments are pre-shaped and “designed to for difficult conditions to provide both protection and comfort”, according to the company.

REV’IT! also uses the same high-tech materials found in their men’s gear, such as Schoeller abrasion protection, NanoSphere treatment for the fabric and a new material called “SuperFabric“, an abrasion, cut and puncture resistant fabric that’s designed to remain flexible. It can even be made flame-proof!

REV’IT! Factor Women’s Motorcycle Pants

Both of us spent a lot of time over the past couple of months wearing the REV’IT! Factor pants. The Factor pants are currently listed in the REV’IT! 2007 Collection, but they should remain for some time, because they are a solid design.

By the way, REV’IT! makes a men’s version of the Factor pants also, and they appear similar to theREV’IT! Challenge pants we reviewed some time ago, which are also still in the REV’IT! catalog after all these years (which means they must be pretty popular!).

The Factor pants have a slightly higher than normal waist, which provides good lower back coverage — important in cold weather.

I paired the pants with a short windproof lined textile jacket and was quite comfortable riding in our beautiful Mid-Atlantic fall weather.

Price is relative of course, but the Factor pants list for $220.00 at the time of publication, which isn’t bad at all for a high-quality pair of women’s motorcycle trousers.

So if funds are limited and you are looking for that single great pair of versatile pants, this is a excellent pant to consider.

REV'IT! Factor Women's Motorcycle Pants - Front REV'IT! Factor Women's Motorcycle Pants - Rear
REV'IT! Factor Women's Pants - Cuff REV'IT! Factor Women's Motorcycle Pants

Kim: As I slipped on the Factor pants, I was quite surprised that the pre-shaped fit actually did fit my body. At 5’4” and 108 lbs., I typically wear a women’s size 2M pant.

In order to find my correct size in the REV’IT! line, I had to look at the sizing chart in the REV’IT! Catalog.

You are also going to need your handy-dandy tape measure (in centimeters). And by the way, did I mention this is a European company?

If you find using the metric system a challenge (as I do) prepare to have some fun…

Well, according to the chart, I am a European Size 34. I was amazed: I am a size 34, and the pants actually fit!  Though I have to admit, it pains me to say “I am a size 34” – it sounds so much larger than saying “I am a size 2”!

The pants can be further adjusted to fit your personal shape at both the waist and ankle.

An adjustable 4-inch elastic waistband is provided on both the left and right hips and then this can be further cinched with Velcro tabs that come out of a hidden pocket and are attached with a D-ring.

There are also 4-inch draw straps at the ankles. Long 9-inch zippers at the legs enable you to easily slip on the pants.

This area is also backed with the famous REV’IT! “Hydralining” wind- and water-proof membrane to prevent water from getting in your boots.

Due to the adjustability features on the legs and ankles, these pants should fit over most boots.

Two lined zippered pockets at the front waist are adequate, though I would have preferred a more generous pocket for all my “girlie stuff”. The pockets at 4-inches wide and about 8.5-inches deep will easily accommodate a cell phone, iPod or small hairbrush.

It is unlikely that you will be able to put a wallet in these pockets unless your wallet is on the smaller scale. A very nice added touch is that when zippered the contents of the pockets are protected with a waterproof strip.

It is those finer details that determine whether we buy this product or that one when all other things are equal. REV’IT! has designed these pants with some very nice details. For example, at the waist is a rubber patch sewn on the pants.

A woman’s silhouette riding a motorcycle (though you can not see the motorcycle) with the words “Female Fit” is etched on the patch.

There are accent/reflective stripes with the words “REV’IT! Engineered Skin” on both pant legs going at a diagonal from the knee to mid thigh on the side of the leg.

At the bottom of the left pant leg is the stitched “REV’IT! Engineered Skin” logo in red and white.

Finally, at the bottom of each pant leg (right above the zippers that allow you to easily pull on the pants) is a very subtle wave design in a reflective fabric for added safety.

The fly is fully backed with the Hydralining membrane to prevent water from coming in. A combination zipper-snap-Velcro closure is provided to keep the pants secure at the waist.

The first layer of protection is the zipper pull and then the fold-over Velcro/rubber coated snap closure provides the second layer of protection to keep the pants on your body in case of an accident.

The Factor pants are made from abrasion resistant materials with names such as Kodra and Dynax stretch in the outer shell for comfort offering perfect thermal protection and climate control in all sorts of conditions.

A detachable thermal lining can be used when it is colder and then the lining can be easily removed during warmer weather.

The pants have the REV’IT! Hydratex membrane for breathability that is waterproof just in case you get caught in that unexpected rain shower.

I was quite impressed with the removable thermal lining in the Factor pants. The lining is very soft and keeps you incredibly warm without feeling bulky.

The outer fabric of the lining is a quilted 85% polyamide 15% polyester blend and the inner fabric is 100% polyamide in a charcoal grey color accented with black at the waist and ankles.

Removing the detachable thermal lining is very easy — all you need to do is unzip the lining from the pants at the waist and then unsnap the two snap hook-and-loop connector at leg cuffs. I was even pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to attach the liner back in to the outer shell.

Besides the reflective fabric on both the sides and bottom of the pant legs, the pants feature protective knee armor combined with hip padding for protection.

There is a fairly thick 5-inch wide by 9-inch long EVA padding at both hips. The protective KNOX CE knee armor is high-quality stuff and typical of that found in the best motorcycle pants.

OK, so here’s the best part: the Factor pants are available in an expanded range of women’s sizes (Euro) from 34-44 short; sizes 36-42 regular and 38-42 long.

That’s really wonderful because not many women’s — or men’s — motorcycle clothing is available in anywhere near that range of lengths and sizes. So there should be one to fit you as well as this fits me!

REV’IT! Base Layer Thermal Wear: The REV’IT! CAMI Top and PANTA Bottom

Kim:  I love the REV’IT! Engineered Skin thermal wear!  Not only have I worn the base layers for motorcycle riding, I also wore it when hiking and skiing. On every occasion, I cannot complain about being cold.

I wore the CAMI lightweight thermal top in a size small. I typically wear a women’s size small and the CAMI did not disappoint.

Again REV’IT! has designed this product and pre-shaped it to specifically fit the female body and it does. The princess seams designed to contour the female body are tight but comfortable.

REV'IT! Cami Women's Motorcycle Winter Underwear Top
REV'IT! Panta Women's Motorcycle Underwear Bottoms
REV'IT! Cami Women's Motorcycle Underwear Top

The fabric is a 100% polyester quality wicking material that enables the body to stay dry and warm in a variety of temperatures.

The fabric is constructed from a tight knit material that according to the manufacturer supports the body and reduces fatigue.

Not sure I can comment on the fatigue issue; I felt great after hiking and riding, however after skiing for 4 hours for the first time in 4 years I was absolutely beat. Perhaps this is more attributable to out out-of-shape I am due to lack of exercise than to the product.

Paired with the REV’IT! PANTA bottoms also in a size small, I was warm from head to toe.

The pant features an elastic waist band and is made from the same lightweight material as the top. The garment is pre-shaped to fit a women’s body.

Both pieces were very comfortable and not at all like the itchy scratchy waffle weave material you normally think of when you hear the words thermal wear.

REV’IT! Fahrenheit Gloves

Daphne:  The REV’IT! Fahrenheit gloves are available in both men’s (sizes S to XXL) and women’s (S to XL) versions.

They look very similar to the REV’IT! Ultra gloves and the REV’IT! Ultra H2O gloves reviewed on webBikeWorld a couple of years ago.

I don’t know how REV’IT!’s naming system works, but it is possible that the Fahrenheit gloves are the latest version of the “Ultra”.

The ladies’ version is cut specifically for a female shape, as it says on the cuff. The first thing I noticed about these gloves is the outer leather — it is sooo soft, like a very high end butter soft goat leather jacket.

That’s because the leather is a combination of very soft goat skin and the “Pittards” treated leather. Goat is more expensive than cow leather I’m told, and it’s supposed to be more resistant to abrasion if you fall.

The lining is fabric, and it’s soft also, feeling like a cross between silk and a very fine fleece to me.

REV'IT! Fahrenheit Women's Motorcycle Gloves
REV'IT! Fahrenheit Gloves - Palm
REV'IT! Fahrenheit Gloves - Knuckles Close-up

Many types of women’s motorcycle gloves are designed more for show than go, especially most cruiser-styled gloves. Not these!

The Fahrenheit gloves are serious, only a step down from a full race glove.

But they have real armor underneath the leather, covering the first and second knuckles on the pinky and third finger; the second knuckle only on the first and second finger; and a big armor protector over the knuckles on the back of the hand.

The side of the pinky finger and the “heel” of the palm have injected silicone padding underneath. The thumbs also have the injected padding underneath the leather protecting the knuckles there.

Putting the armor and padding under the leather eliminates the need for stitches and also gives the gloves a nice smooth look.

The palm of the hand and the first two fingertips and thumbs have a separate protective section of leather or some type of material sewn on. It has a rough surface to give better grip when riding.

Overall, I will say these are the best looking and most protective gloves I own and they’re the most comfy.

Maybe REV’IT! eliminated the two versions of the Ultra gloves to come up with a single glove that is also waterproof.

The Fahrenheit gloves have the REV’IT! Hydratex liner, but you would never know it — the liner is flexible enough that you don’t get that stiff feel like I’ve seen in some waterproof gloves.

I haven’t tried the webBikeWorld water test, where we hold the glove in a bucket of water for a few hours, but it has been very rainy lately and I ride a lot and got caught out in a couple of rainstorms and my hands stayed nice and warm and dry.

The Fahrenheit gloves also have a nice sized gauntlet with two separate adjusters, one is a strap across the bottom of the wrist and the other is the big adjuster flap for the gauntlet. Both of these hold on with Velcro.

The gloves also have a nice gathered articulated leather section on the back of the wrist that looks good and makes them more flexible.

The REV’IT! Fahrenheit gloves are my favorites for cooler weather.

They are the best quality gloves I own by far and I am so glad they are not like the other women’s gloves I’ve seen, which are much more of a fashion statement than anything else.

Serious motorcycling is serious business, and these gloves are it. But they look great and feel great too!

REV'IT! Jade Women's Motorcycle Boots

REV’IT! Jade Women’s Motorcycle Boots

Both: The REV’IT! Jade boots are also serious business! These are “real” motorcycle boots, and again not like the phony style oriented boots that usually pass for women’s riding boots.

The Jade boots offer just as much protection as any men’s boot outside of a full racing boot.

And again, REV’IT! has specifically designed these for women — they are women-only motorcycle boots with just as much protection as the men’s REV’IT! touring boots!

We’ll let the photos do most of the talking, because you can see the number of safety features on these boots. What you can’t see is the formed inserts that are placed under the leather on the shins, the heels, over the ankles and the toes for protection.

They even have a steel support under the foot, which helps make the boots stronger but also makes a good platform for placing the feet on the footpegs.

The REV’IT! Jade boots are waterproof; they have the Hydratex membrane inside and behind the zipper.

And we also should mention that the outside leather is real leather, and not the fake stuff. The soles come up higher than normal on the bottom of the boots for better protection, and the soles are thick and protective.

You can see in the photos that these are very high quality boots with all the right features. We both really like the Jade boots and they fit perfect.

They are designed and built specifically to fit a woman’s foot. It’s hard to find a women’s specific motorcycle touring boot that’s a serious boot designed with all the same features as the men’s boots, and REV’IT! has done it here, good for them — and us!

REV'IT! Jade Boots
REV'IT! Jade Boots - Rear View and Sole
REV'IT! Jade Boots - Side View
REV'IT! Jade Boots - Toe


REV’IT! makes excellent products. The Factor pants look good and are both comfortable and warm.

This is a very versatile all season pant that will take from Spring and Summer into the Fall and maybe even the winter if you team up the pants with the comfortable REV’IT! CAMI and PANTA base thermal wear for even more warmth and comfort.

The Fahrenheit gloves and Jade boots have all of the same high quality features as the best men’s equivalents, and women deserve nothing less! Thanks REV’IT! for making these products for women!

Pricing: Factor Pants $220.00. Fahrenheit Gloves $150.00. CAMI Base Layer Top and PANTA Base Layer Bottom $49.99.

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Review Date: February 2008

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