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Motorcycle High-Visibility Clothing Reviews

Motorcycle High-Viz Clothing Reviews

Stand Out On Those Late Night Rides With These High-Visibility Clothing Options Reviewed By Our Expert Team

The Hurt Report is sobering for those riders who like to take a late night ride without bright visibility clothing. It found that very few motorcyclists involved in accidents wore high-visibility clothing, and that just over fifty percent of the accidents studied, nearly two-thirds of those involving another vehicle, were due to the motorist unintentionally violating the motorcyclist’s right of way. Another study found that one third of motorbike accidents might have been prevented by wearing high-visibility clothing.

Bottom line is that motorcycle riders should wear high contrast gear that helps you stand out during the darker hours. High-visibility (HIV) clothing has highly reflective properties that is bright and stands out. You know that bright yellow/green safety gear you see on a construction site, that’s hi-viz clothing.

Below we share with you some of the reviews of Hi-Viz clothing made especially for motorcycle riders. We’ve covered a solid selection of options that we think fit the bill. Check out the reviews and let us know what you think. Safe riding.

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Best High-Viz Clothing Clothing

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