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Reverse trike conversion preview

Endeavour Trike
Endeavour Trike

After five years of development, Minnesota handyman and inventor Norm Kokes is ready to go into production with his reverse trike conversion kit.

A reverse trike has two wheels at the front, like a Can-Am Spyder roadster, instead than then traditional two at the back. Norm’s Endeavor Trike kit will reportedly work on just about any make or model of bike. It appears similar to a recent project to turn a Harley V-Rod into a revere trike.



However, Norm’s kit is different. It has a universal main frame that’s mated to the user’s existing motorcycle via an adapter cradle. The front of that cradle is always the same, as it’s the part that’s attached to the standard main frame. The back, however, is made specifically to fit each bike.

The cradle can also house a radiator for water-cooled motorcycles, or low-speed blower for air-cooled models if needed. It can be removed in 10 minutes via 10 bolts for servicing and Norm claims anyone can fit the unit without specialty tools.

“We have only been in the development/prototype phase for five years and actively pursuing the legal patent rights for a year now,” says Norm from rural Minnesota. “Our current build to this year’s SEMA event in Las Vegas Nevada is our first official production build. This is a 2010 Yamaha Raider with a pretty far reaching design specifically produced by my son and two auto body specialists.Endeavour Trike

He will unveil his “Vegas Raider” trike at SEMA on November 3 and hopes to connect with a manufacturer or retailer to license the product and take it into production worldwide. Norm has the patent pending in 148 countries and will begin with specialty builds and custom designs to augment the production firm’s R&D efforts.

He estimates pricing at US$8000 to $9000, including installation.

“This is an award-winning product as I won best invention of 2014 at the Minnesota Inventors Congress and also won a Gold medal for best Engineering at the Pittsburgh INPEX expo,” he says proudly. Norm lives in a small rural community in SE Minnesota. “Just a middle income family trying to survive,” he says. “I have a background in mechanics, carpentry and masonry. I spent my life working on motorcycles mostly as a hobby but I also buy old bikes, restore them to like new and sell them for added income.Endeavour Trike

“Currently I am full-time Systems Engineer and full time inventor/developer of Endeavor Trikes. So right now free time is something I do not have much of. Three years ago I passed the Million miles on a motorcycle milestone and am up to almost 1.25 million now. Obviously I spend as much time on motorcycles as I can. I have owned over 100 bikes of all types from trials bikes to tour models but for the most part cruiser and sport tour bikes.”

So Norm sure does know what he is talking about when it comes to motorcycle dynamics. The trike appears to have independent suspension on the front end, so it should have some “give”, although it rides with an upright stance similar to the Spyder.


  1. Having owned several sidecars 7 i can attest to the fact they usually bugger the frame. This set-up looks like it may actually brace the bike chassis quite well.
    It looks a lot safer than a conventional two-rear-wheeler in that at least you can get that rear wheel sliding on the corners and be less likely to flip it.
    I am surprised we have not yet seen a sports version of the Piagio system with the leaning front wheels.

  2. I was surprised to see this article regarding my newest project. Nicely done and spot on reporting thanks for all the accurate quotes and information.

    We are currently in Las Vegas at this years SEMA event and the Vegas Raider is already a big hit – and the show hasn’t even started yet.
    It’s going to be quite a week.

      1. I crashed ny old xj600 a few years ago and have trouble trusting ny shoulder. The one i broke. Would love to convert to reverse trike. Any ideas that i could do in Victoria Australia.

  3. Just an update – since this article was published I have moved into production and created the worlds first Victory KingPin reverse trike. I am currently finishing up the rebuild of my own GL1800 and am about to start on a Kawasaki Vulcan conversion, another first. The Kingpin and Vulcan will be for sale on my website soon. Both will be DMV inspected and certified.
    Along with this I have also improved the frame technology to make all steering dynamics adjustable so even the handling can be customized.


  5. I have a BMW 1200 LTI (2000) and it is getting too heavy for me to manage safely at low speed and two up. This Reverse conversion business has me wondering about the availability and cost to equipping my machine with this kit.

    Agents of installation around the Black Hills?

  6. Hello mark. I have a 97 Electra glide classic. Got MS 6 years ago and cant ride my baby any more. Do you make a kit for my bike yet. Do your wheels tilt or sit straight when you turn. Are the wheels wide or thin tires. Can a middle class guy afford it. Would like some info if you get a minute to yourself. Thank you

  7. i have a 2016 rgu hd reverse trike done by endeavor trike. A dangerous trike,full of rust and more defects…. want to see pics, i have many. Took to court. Didn’t follow judge’s instrutions. Back to court but could not be in person so new judge couldn’t see all pics and faulty components. Great concept but poor poor construction. The man canceled the warrenty and breached contract. Want to see more, giv me a call. Dangerous Trike!

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