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Resonar’s Bat 8D Tech Obliterates “Deaf Spots” While Riding

Tough, Long-Lasting, Waterproof. Meet the New Outer Lid Ear

A view of Resonar's bat 8D technology. Media sourced from MCN.
A view of Resonar's bat 8D technology. Media sourced from MCN.

Ever wish you could hear better when you’re astride your scoot ‘o choice?

Well, a company called Resonar has created tech designed to give you ears on the outside of your helmet – and it deals with the “deaf spots” we as riders have to manage on the road. 

When I say ‘ear on the outside of the helmet,’ I’m not kidding; according to MCN’s coverage of the unit, Resonar’s bat 8D tech contains “a patented set of acoustic canals and a cone-shaped transducer, resembling the inner ear part of the human auditory system.”

It doesn’t end there, either; similar to musicians’ earplugs, these ladies clarify sound while fitted to any full or ¾ lid, eliminating “deaf spots.” 

“Much like blindspots, Resonar say these deaf spots fall outside the rider’s field of vision, but when they are restored, they allow the brain to build up a better picture of the surroundings and determine the direction and distance of passing vehicles with greater accuracy,” contributes MCN

Handy, huh?

A view of Resonar's bat 8D technology. Media sourced from MCN.
A view of Resonar’s bat 8D technology. Media sourced from MCN.

“In our global race towards protective innovation and technological advancement, it seems we forgot about one of the most fundamental of senses,” adds Michel Wehe, a representative of Resonar.

To be clear, this little unit doesn’t amplify anything – nor does it change the sounds around a bike. Instead, the focus is on hearing natural sounds as clearly as possible, working with two units (if desired) – and making the generic daily commute all the safer in doing so. 

What do you think? Are Resonar’s Bat 8D Tech units a good idea?

*Media sourced from MCN*
  1. This is a fascinating concept device. Effective primarily below 65kph or 40MPH it seems focused on city riding where the hearing would be very beneficial. I’d like to know how these will work with earplugs that most riders wear to protect their hearing or above 40MPH. No batteries and must be installed by OEM helmet makers I’ll be keen to try a set of these installed in a helmet.

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