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Reevu motorcycle helmet review

Reevu motorcycle helmet

I’ve been using a couple of Reevu helmets for several months now and have found that they are not only a great safety device, but also very comfortable and with a couple of added benefits that I had not foreseen.

But let’s go back to the start.

The Reevu helmets have a mirror in the top of the helmet which shows a view out the back of the helmet via a clever series of mirrors and a window in the back.

Once set up right it is a great safety feature, especially on bikes where your elbows cover the wing mirrors or the engine vibrates so much you can’t see clearly behind you.

It doesn’t work on sports bikes where you lean forward as all you see then is the sky. However, some racers use them because when they sit up at the end of the straight they can see how close their competitors are.

While I have a couple of dozen helmets, I find I grab the Reevu most times simply because they are so comfortable and quiet. Inside is plush padding and they have a quick fastening/releasing strap which makes them convenient to put on and take off quickly.

One of the surprising benefits of the helmet’s rear vision is that I can see my wife when she’s on the back, which is nice, plus she cannot only finally see what’s going on behind her, but also see herself in the mirror-like window in the back of my helmet.

Another element of the helmet I like is the recess near the ears so you can put in speakers for a Bluetooth device. My favourite is the Sena SMH10 unit. The recess also has a soft flap so you can velcro the speakers on top or behind them. If you stick them behind the perforated flap, it acts as a soft pad between the hard speaker and your ear, yet the perforations allow the sound to pass through.

Any drawbacks? Well, they aren’t the lightest of helmets and they have a big egg-shape, but it’s still my favourite. I even like the smell of the inside padding!

Reevu motorcycle helmet

  1. Nice review! I own one as well… I must say though that I own and ride a sportbike and on the street it works good and does not point at the sky… on the track that might be a different story… but just to clear that up if you own a sportbike DO NOT hesitate to buy this helmet!
    Also the helmet is a lot lighter than my Scorpion EXO1000 is… though I cannot speak for higher end helmets such as Arai because I’ve never owned or have put one on. This helmet did not seem very heavy though.
    Also I wanted to add about night time riding… if people are curious as if you get blinded by the headlights of cars, it does a very nice job of filtering that light and does not blind you.
    Regardless of opinion this helmet DOES save lives in the sense of preventing accidents because you can actually see what is going on behind you. It is also DOT approved in the USA.
    Thanks for a great write up! Ride safe!

    1. Hi Terence, your answer sounds so much like the content on the Reevu Helmet. While what you wrote may be true, you sound a lot like you are working for the company and try to sell the helmet.

      1. Great helmet. I think the rearview mirror is the greatest improvement in helmets in the last 30 years.
        I have 4 other helmets and I’m grabbing the Reevu all the time……I’m not working for Reevu, but if they are hiring, I’m available. I find it comfortable, quieter than some, that could still be improved. Like the ratchet chin strap. Pin lock visor would be nice too. That’s it….Overall, a great helmet, IMHO.

  2. 4/14/2019, I am trying to buy one of these, but can’t find what I want. The company site doesn’t sell them, and I mainly found them on amazon. However there are no choices for clear visor, no choice for color or size. Can’t find a site that offers me a choice to pick what I want. A new visor is $60.00, and no pinlock version available. and Revzilla no longer sells them, but can find their review from 2014.
    anyone have a link to a site that sells it the normal (choose what you want) options?

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