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Rare Brough Superior Mark 1 90-Bore

Brough Superior Mark 1 90-Bore

Brough’s First JAP Twin-Cylinder 1,000cc Model

It’s one of only two known to exist. This Brough Superior Mark 1 90-Bore had 1,000cc V-twin engine in 1922. That’s pure insanity, and it makes the bike one of the rarest two-wheeled vehicles in the world. The model you see here is in excellent, showroom condition. It’s up for sale, and you can buy it for what will undoubtedly be a lot of money by contacting a Mecum representative. Check the bike out at Mecum for more details.

George Brough started making motorcycles in 1919 with seed money from his father. His mission was simple: get the best components and build the fastest, best-handling, and most attractive motorcycles the world has ever seen. He used engines and gearboxes from JAP and Sturmey-Archer.

The Brough Superior Mark 1’s V-twin 1,000cc engine could be ordered with the overhead-valve JAP 90-Bore engine or the Swiss M.A.G. inlet-over-exhaust (F-head) motor. The model you see here has the JAP 90-Bore. That engine was a racing design and an early example of an overhead-valve V-twin.

In its day, the bike was both reliable and extremely fast, according to Mecum, though performance numbers aren’t cited. If you want to own an amazing piece of motorcycle history, this bike is it.