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Probe continues in double bike crash

double crash investigations justice conviction

Investigations into a terrifying double motorcycle crash in Melbourne as shown in the above dash cam video are continuing – 18 days after the accident happened on July 16, 2016.

The video seems to show clear evidence that the driver failed to give way, yet no charges have yet been laid.

However, we should be confident that police investigations will be thorough as it seems VicPol have the original Batman on the case (joke – the email notification below came from Adam West!)

Double motorcycle crash

But it’s no joke that two riders have been injured and their bikes badly damaged in what appears to be a fairly straight-forward breach of traffic rules.

The following is from the original story we posted on July 19:

The incident has sparked a lot of controversial debate on social media about whether the two male riders were speeding and the young female driver was impeded by a Muslim headscarf.

A University of Melbourne engineer has studied the video and claims the riders were exceeding the 60km/h speed limit, however they may only appear to be travelling fast because the driver was slowing down, presumable to enter the service station.

The 23-year-old woman driving the Toyota Camry had just left an Ethiopian Orthodox Christian church and was wearing a traditional Ethiopian scarf, not a Muslim hijab.

Victoria Police spokesman Thomas O’Byrne says they are still investigating the collision on Raleigh Road about 1.40pm on Sunday, July 17, 2016, and no charges have been laid.

He says he will contact us as soon as a decision is made about laying charges.

The woman was taken to hospital for observation but later released. Rider Steve Caruana, 42, was lucky to escape with a badly bruised pelvis, while the other rider, aged 37, suffered a broken leg. The riders are still in hospital in stable conditions.

Victorian Motorcycle Council spokesman John Eacott spent some time at the location yesterday viewing security camera footage from service station on the left.

John says it appears the woman was aiming to enter the servo and didn’t see the riders.

VMC chairman John Eacott against mandatory gloves and boots injuries charges
John Eacott

“She actually accelerates into the space,” he says. “She’s made a judgement call and failed to see the bikes.”

He says the incident is another example of road safety being a “shared responsibility”.

“Roadcraft always dictates that you are fully aware of your surroundings, but it’s not unreasonable to expect other road users to at least comply with the road rules and take similar precautions to look out for other road users.

“We ride defensively, but to have someone accelerate into your empty road space is something no one can guard against 100% of the time.

“There are too many instances where motorists fail to look or fail to see motorcycles.”

John says it is “not unreasonable that someone who has caused an accident be held to account”.

“If she is charged, we sympathise with the consequences she must face, but more in our mind are the consequences being faced by the two motorcyclists, one of whom was incredibly lucky while the other will face months of rehab.”

John says he was heartened by the “wonderful reaction” of bystanders and fellow motorists.

“It’s heartening to see the speedy reaction of bystanders who rushed to the aid of the motorcyclists, a sight not often seen these days.”

Anyone with any information about the incident can contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or submit a confidential online report.


  1. Who is the ‘engineer’ claiming they were exceeding 60km/h? what speed did the engineer determine they were travelling and by what method did the engineer determine this? and what specific type of engineer was it? very skeptical of unattributed and unsubstantiated claims from so-called ‘experts’ …

  2. Fact 1 Mr Fryer of Vicpol has his 86% of all motorcycle accidents are the fault of the rider, to uphold.
    Fact 2 Victoria’s unrealistic revenue raising, zero tolerance to speed, and it’s readiness to vilify motorcyclists at any given chance.
    Looking upon my crystal balls, the 2 riders will be burdened with the majority of the blame, and the young lady will get a slap on the wrist, and maybe a community medal for services, to Mr Fryer in strengthening his attitude towards motorcycle riders.

    Yep thats me, Cynical Grumpy old Bastard.
    Ride free ride safe.

  3. There is a way to determine their speed from the video but only if the original footage and the camera were used to do so. If you have the frame rate of the camera and a known distance such as the length of a car you can calculate how far they travelled in so many seconds and convert that to kilometres per hour. The police are probably doing this to determine the level of culpability of the driver, if it is deemed that the riders were massively over the limit then the driver may mearly be given a warning as her actions may be deemed reasonable and would not normally have caused an accident but for the speeding riders.
    However this is only possible if the riders were going well in excess of the limit not five or ten kph as it appears they may have been.
    But even if they were under the limit technically they were still speeding because they were going to fast for the circumstances.

    1. Or you can just look at the speed of the car it’s clearly shown in the bottom right of the video. The car is only doing 44 kmh before the crash with the bikes just in front. When the bikes pass the car he is doing 37 kmh. Not that hard really.

      1. Not really as gps speed can have a lag that could distort your reckoning as well as the camera lens that alters the perception of distance.
        It is likely the car is actually doing 40 when it says 44 and 30 when it says 37
        And the lens will make it look like they are travelling further all in all adding an apparent 30 kph to the bikes speed. The only way to really tell is from the frame rate and a known distance.

  4. Speed, frame rate, engineers, police charges – does any of it really matter???? Two riders are hurt for God’s sake! Shouldn’t we just focus on how to avoid this kind of problem in the future instead of getting into this blaming nonsense? Drivers needs to look better and riders need to anticipate more.

    1. Pointing out the elephant in the room?
      If you read some of the comments fully especially mine you will see a bit about speeding and most importantly about its true definition which is going too fast as opposed to exceeding a limit. Riders need to remember what rights they have when using the road. They have the right to a burial of their choice they have the right to sue for damages unless that’s been legislatively removed. They have the right to be blamed for an accident even it’s obviously the car drives fault and they have the right to complain from their hospital bed about the stupid cager who nearly killed them or did kill their mate.
      Remember when riding paranoia is you freind!

  5. Police probe or not, the fact is, as long as there is bikes & cars sharing the same patch of road, in congested conditions similar to this incident, with stupid drivers on the road, there will always be accidents. Sadly.

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