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Pollution Is Down Due to COVID-19

empty street

The Only Benefit of Coronavirus

People across the globe are staying inside, sometimes due to mandates by local and national governments. This has removed tons of traffic from the road and halted all sorts of industry work. While this isn’t good for the economy, it is good for the environment. According to the Los Angeles Times, scientists say the virus will shrink greenhouse gases this year.

I know there’s a lot of politics tied up in discussions about the environment. I’m not here to argue politics, but I’ll say this is a good thing. That said, I’d still urge you to social distance from the seat of your motorcycle. That is, as long as you’re allowed to go out and ride around. Some mandates in certain states have discouraged or outlawed unnecessary travel. If you’re in one of those states, I suggest you take to making your bike way cooler by joining in with the #coronavirusbikebuildoff put on by RSD.

The drop in pollution around the world is a good thing, but it will come right back. Rob Jackson, an environmental scientist at Stanford University who chairs the Global Carbon Project, told the Los Angeles Times he won’t be celebrating a one or two percent drop in emissions. So, while we might be giving the world a short reprieve, the pollution problem will come right back. What can you do? I’d say go and enjoy the less congested streets for the time being if you can.