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Does pink make riding gear ‘feminine’?

Macna Zircon women's gloves - pink

Macna has added a women’s winter glove to their range, but the only thing we see that makes it suitable for women, apart from smaller sizing, is some pink striping.

In our discussions over the years with female riders, pink and purple flashes of colour do not necessarily make riding gear suitable for women.

One female rider told us that they stopped wearing pink and purple when they finished dancing in eisteddfods at the age of eight.

Instead, they say the gear needs to be safe, fashionable and fit their shape, although surely male and female hands have the same shape!

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Blackbird suede-look motorcycle jacket
Blackbird suede-look motorcycle jacket … check out more women’s gear here

According to European motorcycle apparel brand, Macna, their Zircon gloves are suitable for women … however men with dainty hands might also like them.

They are available for $149.95 in Australia at most motorcycle shops through Australian importers Link International.


Macna Zircon women's gloves - pink
Macna Zircon women’s gloves

We haven’t reviewed them, but here is their press release:

The Ladies Zircon gloves offer a great deal of comfort, protection and functionality for the serious rider. Fitted with a genuine Raintex waterproof and breathable liner ensuring dry hands and comfortable along with a Thermolite/ Bemberg Isofur comfort liner to keep everything warm when the going gets cold. All leather palm with double layer and padding on impact areas. TPR knuckle and finger protection with a screen cleaner on the index fingers. Cordura nylon back for greater dexterity and double closure incorporating Macna’s unique 30 degree closure system for secure fitment. Each index finger is fitted with “Touch Tip” technology enabling use of your smart phone or GPS without removing your gloves.Macna Zircon women's gloves - pink

Ready to travel – any road – any season – any weather! 

• A Grade leather and Cordura construction.

• Double layer palm and little finger.

• TPR knuckle and finger impact protection.

• Genuine Raintex waterproof and breathable liner.

• Thermolite/ Bemberg Isofur thermal comfort liner.

• Double closure including 30 degree wrist closure.

• Screen cleaner on index fingers.

• “Touch Tip” technology providing smart phone & GPS usage.

• Available in black only – Ladies sizes XS – 2XL.

  1. While not every woman wants to wear pink, there are plenty that do not want to bemistaken for a man. My daughter and I regulary join the Girls Ride Out rides in Sydney and the clothing worn by the women varies from “extremely pink” to unisex although I feel that the larger ladies may not have the options that the slim ones do when it comes to colour choices (and that’s sad).

  2. We here at Bike Her clothing have recognized this for some time and although we do stock pink and purple we are all about finding products designed specifically for women’s needs rather than junk that looks sexy. We are always on the look out for new products and we will be looking into these gloves for the future

    1. Hi, I just stopped by your website. Sorry, but it leaves a lot to be desired.
      No leather pants – you have Gogo Leggings.
      One leather jacket – What’s the grade of leather used
      The other jackets are described as ‘Jacket, Quilted liner, Full Armour, Front Pkts….” Some have a velcro collar, some have a snap collar, some have air vents. There’s no detailed description, only the one line.
      Would that be a winter or summer jacket? What is the rating on your armour and is it CE approved? Is there back armour as well? Why is there only one size available for each style? The pink one doesn’t even have a size, I guess you order and hope it fits.
      I wouldn’t buy from you as I have too many questions, and there’s no sizing chart so I wouldn’t be able to choose the right size anyway.

  3. ‘ … however men with dainty hands might also like them’. Classic! – line on the week,
    hoever in the midst of the laughter comes the inevitable question, ‘what sort of bikes do those milk drinkers with ‘dainty hands’ ride? – it’s up to you readers; -good one Mark.

  4. Men and women’s hands may be the same shape but not the same size. I quite often try on a man’s size large due to the length of my fingers and palm but it floats on the width. Monkey hands was my nick name! Long and thin is unfortunately hard to find in the women’s range, so I will often try on anything I can find to see if they fit.
    And that occurs in the clothing as well, 6ft amazon, average size but hourglass figure. Things are too short, too big in weird places, and the waist line could fit a small toddler. After having recently lost weight, I have had the joy of repeating the change room dance with everything from a 3xl to the medium I now am.
    And shoes, I take a 45. No women’s boot in the world comes in a 45 so men’s boots it is. Sigh.

    Don’t mind me, the subject of women’s clothing is a bit of a sore spot.

  5. If you’ve ever made the mistake of going shopping with a woman you’ll instantly understand what all this’s about.

    btw, pink gear looks girlie & invites harassment from pushy motorists, not only hoons.

  6. Stupidity of the clothing (and accessory) manufacturers. Women buy several of everything – one in every colour, one for each season. I went to the shitty mega motorcycle store in the cbd of Melbourne – they had ONE style of ladies leather pants in stock in three sizes – three pair in total on the shelf. They have a whole damn floor full of mens gear, and a tiny little corner dedicated to womens gear. When the sales people on the floor are all men, women are ignored when they enter the shop.
    I’ve NEVER worn pink clothes, or lipstick, or had a pink handbag. Why the hell would I want pink motorcycle gear? My bike is red, I want matching red gear, but can I get it, not on your nelly!
    I also needed a new helmet recently, and I only seem to fit Shoei. Buying an XXS helmet? You can get matt black, gloss black, or slutty pink and black, or slutty matt grey. I don’t wear a corset to the milk bar to pick up milk, I definitely don’t want to wear a slutty graphic helmet with a corset on it – Shoei NXR Seduction. Let’s set the record straight here, I don’t wear a corset at any time.
    Petite? Size small? Don’t expect to find gear on the shelf at any shops – everything is XXL, or XL, or L even.
    Just buy mens gear you say….. It doesn’t fit. I have curves in places that you don’t, I also don’t have that bulge at the front of my pants that you do.
    And if you really want to have some fun? Try finding a one piece leather race suit for a woman……

  7. I love purple it’s my favourite colour (Dark purple, not mauve though). I try not to wear motorcycle gear that hi-lights that I’m a woman. My husband pointed out that some men are dickheads (his words) and would think it was funny to try and scare a woman on a bike (riding or driving too close etc). It’s the shape that makes something for women. Wearing gloves with too much extra length in the fingers make it hard uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous. I find they make women’s jackets too short, so you end up with a cold or sunburnt patch of your back, especially if you are riding a sports bike. Would be good if there were more adventure style jackets for women that came down over our bum so we don’t have that problem. Most ladies need a bit of extra room in the chest, hips and bum area and jackets that fit nicely are more comfortable to ride in. We could do with more colours in general. Black isn’t very visible, especially at night. I would love to see more colours in jackets, pale blues(aqua, turquoise, teal, purple, pretty green(not khaki or forrest green), red, yellows and I guess even pink for the ladies that want them (maybe Magenta would be nice). Not much colour choice for men really either (or maybe that’s just because I’m in Perth).

  8. Got to agree, not every female wants to wear pink. I like green, red and yellow as well rather than just the black or white and black which shows the dirt so quickly. Larger women certainly miss out once you are over 2xl it’s usually only black. It is hard to find well fitting jackets and pants, I’d rather those than wearing just because their pink.

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