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What peeves you about other riders? 

Peeves wheelie advertising
You mean like this?

Tell us what peeves you about other riders and you could win a set of three Oxford neck socks for winter.

Our recent reader survey showed the fourth highest peeve among motorcyclists was not cagers, trucks, caravans or police, but the bad behaviour of other riders.

But what does that really mean?

Are we concerned that the bad behaviour of other riders is giving us all a bad name?

What exactly do we take offence to?

Is it riders speeding, doing wheelies, dangerously weaving through traffic or doing burnouts in public?Peeves burnout

Are you concerned about poor skills such as running wide through a corner and heading straight for you coming the other way?

Do you object to their bike with its loud exhausts and dangerously high ape hangers?Aftermarket exhaust peeves

Maybe it’s the fact that they don’t wave at you when you wave or nod your head.

Are you an ATGATT who gets upset when you see riders wearing thongs, shorts and a t-shirt?thongs riding gear HOG rally peeves

Or perhaps it is just how they look, riding around with a holier-than-thou look on their face and a badass patch on their leathers?Peeves

We want to know what peeves you about other riders.

Please fill in our quick survey and your name will go in a random draw for the Oxford neck scarves.

Oxford neck socks peeves
Oxford neck socks

The winner and the survey results will be announced later on Thursday morning.

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  1. I guess I’m just too much into my own ride to be particularly bothered about how someone else rides.

  2. Loud pipes KILL ! this is evidenced by the sight of riders impaled on their loud pipes by other road users and or their neighbours who are sick of the noise.
    Clueless scooter riders equal hood ornaments , I have nearly run over several scooters both on my bike and in my car when they have pulled out of a side street or changed lanes or gone to filter without even a glance at the direction of what may be coming to kill them. Also anything not capable of highway speed should I don’t know stay off a highway perhaps?
    Stunt gnongs , gee you can do stoppies wheelies and burnouts whoopy ! thanks to you I see blue and red flashing lights every time my front wheel leaves the road by even an inch.
    Trendy’s, Thanks to you lot I can only find gear that’s either black or pastel pink and only in sizes to fit anorexic jockeys

  3. Long time reader, first time commentator. I really feel like a belligerent old guy reading these results (despite being 35). Riding skill never really bothers me, I figure most of those guys running wide and lane filtering at high speeds will take themselves out long before they really get at me. I find the mutual respect is slowly disappearing as the rider network grows and this is what peeves me. I rarely get a return acknowledgment from riders these days despite waving or nodding. Not sure what that stems from, maybe it is older riders not passing on the courtesies to the new generation. I think a related issue is the loud exhausts and revving. We get it, we all ride and love the sound of a bike, it just gets a bit obnoxious at some point. Some of these LAMS bikes getting around baffle-less is just silly attention seeking. Some people seem to be more interested in the “look at me on my cool bike” mentality as opposed to really loving all the other stuff the freedom of a bike offers. Well that is my #oldmanrant over. Great survey!

  4. mine has to be when someone overtakes you on the
    straight at about twice the posted speed only to
    turn into a slow moving roadblock when you get into
    the twisties,

  5. What annoys me most are the many riders who think that what suits them is all that matters and everybody else has to do the same. Rider aids, ATGATT, hi-viz vests etc may suit what, when, where and how they ride, and they don’t care if it doesn’t suit others. Sometimes it is just because of ignorance. Some motorcyclists are sunny Sunday, bitumen only riders. If it is raining, or hot, or cold they leave their bikes in the garage. They have no understanding of what it is like for those who use a motorcycle to commute to work every day, or ride everywhere all the time and ride on any type of road in any weather.

    In other cases it is because of pride and image. One rider may say that he would only buy bikes with ABS and gets upset when another rider says that he is safer without it. It could be that the second rider has better skills, or rides in different conditions and understands that ABS does not work well in all conditions. Or there may be a couple of sports bike riders who have just ridden back into town after a scrap through the hills wearing full protective gear. You would be an idiot if you didn’t wear ATGATT for that type of riding. They see a guy riding in shorts and T-shirt who is riding less than 1km to the corner shop for a newspaper and bottle of milk without exceeding 50km/h, while bicycle riders are doing the same speed dressed in flimsy lycra. They get upset because his casual approach to riding doesn’t conform to the gladiatorial image that they want to project, and they are worried that people might think they are overly cautious and lack courage. Do they expect him to get his riding gear out of the cupboard and put it all on, then take it off, hang it up to dry the perspiration out of it, and put it all away again when he will be spending less than 2 minutes on the bike?

    You do it your way and I’ll do it mine. I won’t try to force my way on you and you shouldn’t try to force your way on me. But together we should work to preserve freedom of choice and oppose any further restrictions.

    1. My only gripe with people who wear thongs (flipfloppys) is the twing of pain I feel
      It’s similar to the twing I get when I see someone fall on their knees or get hit in the groin. There is what’s called the empathetic nerve it is a real nervous structure that enables us the feel the pain of others it is part of how we are able to build a caring society but it’s also there to warn us not to be so stupid as the other guy.

  6. Makes for a much more efficient, consistent GROUP ride, if the old fashioned ‘enduro’ cornerman system is practiced. Changing cornermen at different corners is beneficial on many levels also. I like all the bandana things…so any colour design will do..!

  7. Poor riding skills is my major gripe especially when faced with a rider on your side of the road traveling in the opposite direction on a good twisty bit of road. The more popular the road to more prevalent this seems to be.

    I am also concerned when I see people riding in thongs or bare feet, slides (shoes) are also a worry but seem to be mainly the domain of female scooter riders.

  8. Do what ever floats your boat, I’m easy but put me or my pillion at risk and you have crossed a line….

  9. Why hasn’t he government done an education campaign around lane filtering and traffic lights? I don’t want to be stuck behind you in between a car and a truck because you’re too stupid or couldn’t care about my safety and don’t move over after you’ve filtered to the front of the line of traffic. I have to say that Cyclists are exactly the same, they only seem to care about them selves despite being given a whole box of their own in front of the line to stop in.
    I also think that high heels on a scooter is just ridiculous, ffs, just change your shoes when you get to work.

    1. Are you complaining about other riders here? Crossing a stop line at a traffic light was illegal last time I looked. $351.00 and 3 points ( I think ) if a copper wants to get “picky” with you.

  10. Harry Hotwheels and his racing Mates overtaking my bike on a mountain curve (inside or outside) without any warning at speed and frightening the hell out of me.

  11. Horse floats, the rudest drivers ever. I have ridden and driven on the road since 1968, legally since 1974. I have never seen a vehicle towing a hoarse float show any consideration to any other road user.

    1. I have met some arrogant horse owners, but you need to be aware that any vehicle carrying live animals has to be driven with extra care to avoid injuring the animals, especially large animals that are standing up. So you need to have extra consideration for horse floats and livestock trucks. Also, their cargo is loose and moves around. Sudden movements can rock the animals to one side and destabilise the vehicle, which has caused cattle trucks to rollover.

  12. Yes dangerous weaving all the way. Just cause we can on a bike doesn’t make it ok to do so. You will be another statistic if you do this regardless if it is your fault or not. Cars always win against a bike in an accident.
    Also, Not in the survey but should be are riders who fly up on the left in the breakdown lane. Do they really think a car driver will look to see who is coming up behind them in the breakdown (left side) lane, when they suddenly pull over to do what is ever so important at the time.

  13. 1. Riders who don’t wave to a car that moves over to let them through.

    2. Cars that don’t move over to let U thru.

    3. People who bitch about other riders/drivers instead of fixing their own numerous problems.

    4. Clowns in cars sitting behind someone blocking the right lane & doing nothing!
    Beam them!

    5. Idiotic awful sounding exhausts on Hardleys.

    6. Safety freaks who can’t ride so they bitch about anyone going faster than them
    Testosterone replacement therapy easily available.

    ” keep that for the racetrack . . yeah, whatever …

    7. Safety wankers full stop.
    Mind Your Own Business.

    Jab it.

    8. Selfish Slowbies on group rides sitting on each others’ tails making it dificult for competent riders to work their way thru the group.

    9. Armchair critics who post to BikeSites instead of riding.

    10. Anyone slower than me.

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