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No apology over police harassment

campbell-newman_2Premier Campbell Newman has not apologised over police harassment of a group of riders on their way to the funeral of a 70-year-old woman who died of cancer. (Read the story.)
Instead of apologising for that and police video taping the motorcycle cortege, he has gone on the attack, claiming that the Townsville police were not notified about the motorcycle involvement in the funeral and declaring innocent riders will be “intercepted from time to time”.
“Townsville Police regularly conduct traffic enforcement operations across the city and District,” his office says in an online comment.
“Inquiries made reveal there has been no recorded contact with Townsville District Police advising of any motorcyclists providing a guard of honour for any funeral in the last three weeks.”
queensland-police-badgeThe Premier’s “team” commented on his Facebook site, painting a grim future for innocent riders.
Their comment says: “Townsville Police have conducted operations on Criminal Motorcycle Gangs, members and associates, which has resulted in a number of people being prosecuted in relation to a range of traffic and criminal offences.
“Through the course of normal policing and traffic operations the drivers of both motor vehicles and motorcycle’s will be intercepted from time to time.”
So, “from time time” innocent riders will have to put up with the insulting, insensitive, discriminatory manhandling by police officers who may want us to partially disrobe to see if we have any tattoos and to then take photographs of them. And don’t expect an apology.
The Queensland Police Service has also issued a statement saying that “Law-abiding motorcyclists and members of the community have nothing to fear from this increased police presence and operational activity”.
It also states that the Townsville riders were “stopped for a short period and advised police they were attending a funeral”.
“Police received no complaints from the riders at the time of the intercept.”

  • The Australian Motorcycle Council has established a fighting fund to support any High Court challenge to any of the anti-bikie legislations. To read more about the fund and to donate, click here.
  1. I heard that the call was made to their central hot-line. In which case it shows a certain level of (not unexpected) incompetence or carelessness.

  2. Get over it. Approx ten years ago I was intimidated by bikie gangs in Canberra. I was part of the Ulysses Club AGM riding a bike. Support what our government is doing for us. You cannot have it both ways.

    1. If you were one of, or amongst the Ulysses riders that decided to wear top and bottom rockers on your vests when Ulysses were specifically told “NOT TO”…. then you deserve all you got on that day!!! If you want to wear top and bottom rockers then join an MC… not a social club….. You can not have it both ways!!
      Harassed once ten years ago for overstepping your boundaries….. get over it !!

  3. David B exactly who the hell is anyone to tell a rider what they can wear? Who gave those grubs a mandate over other riders?? Who put them in charge of other motorcyclists??? Get over it !

    1. Jude, please feel free to take your case to any and all patch clubs, but don’t be surprised if it ends in tears on your part. Also… here’s a tip…. Learn about the subject you wish to take part in before throwing your comments into the public domain as it will save you a lot of embarrassment. Your ignorance is showing badly. Only MC’s can wear a back patch with top and bottom rockers…. Get over it!!

  4. Lesley, if you lot at Uselysses want to look like faux 1%ers, then maybe you could toughen up. David B is correct as I recall a deal was done and it was agreed that the grey worriers wouldn’t wear the ‘patch.’ This law affects everyone. Read it. It’s only 9 pages and doesn’t mention motorcycle gangs at all. This is an abuse of all of our civil and human rights, plain and simple. You should be concerned.

  5. David B when did the freedom to ride and wear what one wished become the domain of some boy’s club? Who the hell are they to tell me what to do in my life? Wouldn’t that be the equivalent of some authoritarian, fascist body stifling a person’s freedom of speech or expression? I do not subscribe to the belief that anyone has the right to tell me what I can wear, say or believe.

    1. In 1984 , when I was in Bikers Ltd , I experienced this 1%’er intimidation 1st hand , I have no sympathy whatsoever for the particular club involved , what goes around …..

  6. Jude, then by all means go and wear 1%er clothing and see how far that gets you in the state of Queensland, I suggest Bandidos, Hells Angels or even Mongol colours, they might even ask you to join them.

  7. Mr Newman is getting quite hysterical in appearance and in his speech, in the media.

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