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Are motorcycles a work of art?

Sonia Farrell with her motorcycle art

We riders reckon motorcycles are a work of art and this Gold Coast artist agrees with her “Cruising Chrome” exhibition.

Artist Sonia Farrell, whose exhibition is on display at Creative Hearts Art Gallery in Australia Fair, says she is inspired by motorcycles.

“The way light bounces off burnished chrome and beautiful paintwork is very inspirational for me,” the artist says.

While Sonia doesn’t ride, her husband used to ride and has many motor industry connections in her family.

“I appreciate the beautiful lines of motorbikes, especially the chrome,” she says.

“The idea of adventures, breakfast runs, long roads and the friendships formed are very appealing and are thoughts that have been going through my mind as I painted the artworks.

“I enjoy creating art that helps people celebrate what they love and appreciate in life.”

The Cruising Chrome exhibition was to end this week, but has now been extended to 3pm on Wednesday 23 October 2019, so get in quick!

  1. These paintings, or whatever they are, are absolutely fantastic artworks. A lot better than a trustafarian hype kid a la Jochen Paesen could do. However, motorcycles are not objets d’art, because first and foremost they have to be functional. If they don’t work but they look as if they might work, they require fixing. If they barely work, then they are inferior to those that work well. It’s sort of like saying a religious icon is a work of art. If it is a work of art, then it’s a pre-Renaissance definition, because the scope for creativity is extremely limited, and first and foremost it’s functional. On my wall, for example, a religious icon (from any religion) is just a work of art (in reality, just a decorative piece but let’s call it “art”). But a believer might be upset by my treatment of it as such.

  2. I enjoyed and appreciate your article Mark…. best regards Sonia Farrell – Artist of Cruising Chrome Motorbike Art Collection…

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