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Motorcycle jeans for winter

motorcycle Jeans

Winter makes it difficult to keep your hipster image running hot, but these uglyBROS Ton-Up motorcycle jeans should help. However, it will cost you a staggering $385 to keep your “cool”!

These motorcycle jeans feature a thermal soft felt lining which should keep you warm on the legs when the temperature gets into the single digits. It’s called “bonded napped polyester” and it really is warm.UglyBROS ton-up motorcycle Jeans

However, don’t expect these motorcycle jeans to have any abrasion resistance. There is no mention of the word “kevlar” or any other abrasion-resistant material. They are simply made of 12oz stretched denim which makes them extremely comfortable, but doesn’t supply any protection should you slide down the road.

However, they do come with CE-approved removable armour for the hips and knees to provide some impact protection. But the last thing you want when you dismount your cafe racer is to walk into your favourite cafe with bulging knees. So the removable pads can quickly be plucked out of the exterior pocket, rather than having to take your pants off to remove them.

It’s clever, but it looks a little silly with the knee pockets on the outside, although I’m no great model of fashion.

These motorcycle jeans take their name from the old “ton-up boys” so named because they had done the “ton” or 100mph (160km/h) on their bikes. While the stove-pipe slim-fit jeans look like those worn back in the 1950s at the Ace Cafe in London, the quilted thigh panels and knee pockets certainly aren’t original.

If fashion is first, protection second and economy a distant third, then you may care to check these out.

Importers Suus Customs recommend you measure your favourite pair of jeans and compare them with the size chart before ordering.

Size    Waist (inch)    Inseam (inch)    Hip (inch)    Thigh (inch)    Hem (inch)    Rise (inch)

30         32.5                     33.5                      40                  21.5                14.5                   9.5
32          34                       33.5                       41                  22.5                15                      9.75
34          35                       34.25                    42.5                23                  15.25                10.5
36          37.5                    34.25                   44.75              24.5               16                      10.75