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Sign motorcycle freedom petition

Riders petitionAn online petition has been started against the Queensland Government’s proposed legislation that discriminates against people riding motorcycles.
The petition is being run through rather than the government’s own ePetition since the red tape involved with the latter would mean it may not be ready in time for the rally tomorrow (October 12) at DJ Smith Park in Canungra from 9am.
Paper copies of the petition will be available at the rally or you can sign the petition now by clicking here.
This is the wording prepared for us by solicitor and motorcycle rider Jim Feehely.

Dear Mr Newman and Mr Bleije,

In the pursuit of a political campaign to rid Queensland of ‘criminal bikie gangs’, you have each recently made statements to the media that you consider it reasonable that all motorcyclists be subject to overt prejudicial discrimination by legislation and by the conduct of the police.  We, the motorcyclists of Queensland, totally reject that position.

The current police campaign of discriminatorily stopping and detaining motorcyclists for the sole reason that the motorcyclist is riding in company with other motorcyclists is a flagrant breach of our legitimate freedom to use the roads lawfully as is the right of every other Queensland road user.  This campaign does not, to our knowledge, have any legislative authority.  It must, therefore, have executive authority.

This campaign is already legitimising the prejudice of those in the community that hold an unjustified adverse attitude to all motorcyclists without any differentiation between ordinary motorcyclists and what you term ‘criminal bikies’.   That is already putting our safety on the road in unnecessary and avoidable jeopardy.  That situation will be greatly exacerbated by your government if it enacts legislation that expressly authorises the police to continue or intensify this discriminatory campaign.  We are not what you term ‘criminal bikies’.  We do not engage in criminal activity.  Your statements and your government’s declared intention to pass obviously discriminatory legislation is an insult to every Queensland motorcyclist.

We, the motorcyclists of Queensland, therefore demand to be treated by the Queensland government and the police with fairness and equity to which every other Queensland citizen is entitled.  In particular, we demand the following of the LNP majority in the Queensland parliament:

To refrain from using its majority to enact any legislation that discriminates against motorcyclists as a community group on any grounds whatsoever.

To refrain from enacting legislation that expressly authorises the police to stop and detain any motorcyclist on the basis only that the motorcyclist is riding in company with other motorcyclists.

To use the government’s executive power to instruct the police commissioner to instruct his officers to immediately cease the campaign, already commenced by the police, of randomly, and without any reasonable cause or suspicion, stopping and detaining motorcyclists for the sole reason that the motorcyclist is riding in company with other motorcyclists.

Please, let’s not get into a fight over semantics. It is only the basic sentiment of the petition that really matters, not the exact wording.
I selected a target of 10,000 signatures which is quite adventurous, I know, but no harm in aiming high.
Now get out there and share this with your social media friends, business contacts and anyone else who values what freedoms we have left to enjoy in our country.
And ride safe to the rally tomorrow. It could be raining.

  1. I oppose a law that infringes upon the rights of law abiding citizens to travel freely without the risk of being targeted for whatsoever reason.

  2. I’ve been a member of the Vagabonds MC since I was 17 and I’m now 50. If they want my colours off, they are going to need more hands-on help to take them from me, I can promise. STOP BLAMING THE CLUBS and go after the individual who is causing the trouble. Their own clubs have lost control of their own members. At least the riding community will now know what it is like to live as a club member. I invite Campbell Newman to come up to me and ask me for my colours. V.F.F.V

    1. Good one Warren! It’s bull and so wrong! Vagabonds are a prime example of how you can be part of an MC without being part of the 1%. Stay strong and proud, I know you will.

  3. They always start slowly when they begin to chop down the tree of liberty and then they build momentum until finally the tree is severed from its core…..

  4. We ride for the feeling of freedom. It is our freedom, you have no right to discriminate against us for it.


  5. I think we need these new rules. I saw three motorcyclists stopped on the side of the road today on little red step-thru motorcycles. They were talking to each other in a very suspicious manner. They all had big green florescent bags on the back of theri bikes. I’m sure they were full of drugs! They then all split up and started depositing what I can only assume was drugs in everyone’s letterboxes along the street! This is disgraceful bikie behavior! It must be stopped even if the police need to shake down anyone who rides a two-wheeled vehicle on our roads. How else can we stop this mayhem without giving the police the power to harass any motorcyclist on the road! If only Joh was still around, he would have stopped these menaces – don’t you worry about that!

  6. There are a lot of motorcyclists out there that are members or ex-military that have fought and are fighting for our country’s freedom and rights. Are the politicians now going to tell them and others that they put their lives on the line for this country and now cannot go on rides with their mates without being harassed by pollies and police? This is supposed to be a country where we have some say. Davo

  7. A local motorcycle group has continually raised thousands of dollars for cancer patients by riding together … under your new laws will this have to stop? Not all riders who ride in groups are thug criminals. You’d probably be surprised who is actually under that helmet. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

    1. Chris, I agree with you 100%. My brothers bike run donates to ADA American Diabetes Assoc. and We have a nice run going ever year!

  8. I am a member of the Ulysses and associate of the Vagabonds MC for a long time. There is no way the cops will tell me what I can wear on my back and who I can hang around with. They are my brothers and sisters. They are family and family is forever.

  9. Same old Same old a few bad eggs spoil it for everyone and what do they think they are going to stop them no not a hope in hell is what I say Lets hope they don’t make it any harder for us than it already is.

  10. I’ve been riding for 40 years and love it , often ride in groups and to be harassed by cops is an invasion of privacy, I mean bloody hell , we are only going for a cruise or toy run at xmas time , wtf , are they going to stop everybody on a toy run , dumb ass Newman wouldn’t know of or appreciate half the shit we do for charities. So f@#k the new laws .

  11. Most motorcyclist are not part of outlaw gangs so don’t penalise all because of the few

  12. i have been riding bikes all my life,i love motorcycles,love harley davidsons,love riding with a great bunch of people and friends.f-ck the new laws,we are not criminals, let us ride and dont freiken pull us over ,just to check our id,we ride for freedom,

  13. I do not do or sell drugs, burn down tattoo parlors, cause fights, and a number of things that the bikies do. I have been riding for over 45 years and do not wear colors, not do I harass other road users. I am a motorcyclist (biker) not a bikie and I resent being treated like a bikie. I think it would be a good idea you and the Police to know the difference. Be careful when you write these laws as there are fer more bikers than there are bikies.

  14. I live in Canada. I got on the back of a bike for the first time when I was 15. I am now 66 and still biking. I have ridden with clubs and singly and with friends. It is not the number of bikes together it is what the people on them are doing – if it is not criminal then leave them alone. If you ban biking together then maybe you will have to ban riding horses together, going for walks together, parades, donation drives. The list goes on. I cannot believe how politicians got to be this stupid. Fight on – this is one that needs to be stopped.

  15. Australia prides itself on its freedom, whatever happened to freedom of assembly, just remember. I vote and I ride this sentiment should resonate around Australia

  16. It’s actually prohibited by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to single out a cultural group and treat them all as criminals. And Australia is a signatory to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

    Article 7: ALL ARE EQUAL BEFORE THE LAW and are entitled WITHOUT ANY DISCRIMINATION to equal protection of the law. All are ENTITLED TO EQUAL PROTECTION AGAINST ANY DISCRIMINATION in violation of this Declaration and against any incitement to such discrimination.

    Article 12: NO ONE SHALL BE SUBJECTED TO ARBITRARY INTERFERENCE with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, NOR TO ATTACKS UPON HIS HONOUR AND REPUTATION. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

    Article 13: (1) EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT and residence within the borders of each state.

    Article 17. (1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.


    Article 23. (1) Everyone has the right to work, TO FREE CHOICE OF EMPLOYMENT, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.

  17. Bill Ouston

    Newman needs to remember there are about 150,000 registered motorcycles in QLD, and all of those over 18 can vote, and people, don’t be mislead, it costs money to run this operation against the criminal bike gangs. How much do you think it cost to put 700 police in action in Victoria the other day to raid all the Hell’s Angels properties, as well as running the normal policing operations? Mega$$$$$$$$$$$. So who do you think they want to pay for these same style of operations here in QLD as well as tasking more officers to detain us illegally? You and me, that’s who. This whole “get the bad guys” thing, by targeting us as possible suspects in the Bikie gang drug trade etc is a smoke screen. It’s geared to get as much revenue from us as they can to pay for the job that they had not budgeted for. AND, think about this, the impact of what is happening on the coast is not reserved for Australia, it is being reported ALL over the world, and if the police don’t get the illegal activities on the coast cleaned up soon the state Government will have to foot the bill for the Commonwealth Games in a couple of years because no O/S company is going to sponsor the Com Games when it is being held in the drug capital of the country, and no-one in their right mind will visit for fear of getting caught up in drug wars and or street brawls. MAKE NO MISTAKE KIDS “IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY”



  18. It’s too bad politicians can’t come up with beneficial laws by proper research & interviews rather than knee-jerk reactions to an event or someone’s personal agenda

  19. The problem with political jokes is that they get elected! I’m not a criminal, I just want to ride with my mates!

  20. Pollies only care about their jobs & most Australians don’t realize how it will affect them , it is fundamentally wrong but THEY’VE GOT THE BIGGEST GANG !!!!

  21. I ride a Motorcycle!
    The Only patches I wear are for pride of what I ride and what I support!
    I support Charities, I support law changes that make it better for all motorcyclists! I support the world wide fraternity of motorcyclist!

  22. Im not in any club but have alota family and friends who are and are all in different colors us truckies dont get much better treatment either but our fourfathers gave there lives in ww1 & 2 for freedom and democracy, been all for nothing soon, alls the govt is missing are the genocide camps otherwise i’d say hitler was our pm as even ur right to remain silent has been taken

  23. Are the powers that be going to ban, sports car driving clubs from driving in groups, or cyclists from riding on roads in groups greater than 3, or footy supporters going to a game in groups? Its obvious what the answer is, so why should motorcyclists be banned from travelling in groups? Sure there are criminal elements in all sections of society, but concentrate on the crimes dont victimise those who are simply enjoying life and each others company.

  24. I am a mother, grandmother, wife, sister, friend & I’m also an educated woman with a university degree in Bachelor of Social Work. I enjoy riding my motorbike & have a great bunch of friends who also ride. My husband & I are currently on a one month bike riding trip. We have nothing to do with
    criminal activities & have both been high
    achievers & highly functioning citizens

    earning a income & paying a lot of taxes

  25. Sir I have recently returned from iraq believing that what I was fighting for was for the freedom of all people not to be desriminated against but to ride a motorcycle and to be pulled over 3x in one day because I fitted a certain profile is wrong sir .all I ask is for a fair go ex military vet

  26. There are about 1000 to 1500 OMG members in Australia – Police estimates. There are over 20,000 members of Ulysses only, let alone all the other motorcycle clubs that will be affected by this stupid law.

    I totally appose it in Queensland or anywhere else for that matter.

  27. Iv been riding bikes since the age of 8,Im now 52, all this time I never thought id be judged as a criminal. thanks (Joe). I mean MR Newman and MR Bjeije.

  28. I thought DISCRIMINATION was now against the law. Are the Politicians and then the Police now allowed to Break Their Own Laws ? I for one do not want to be discriminated against and harassed just for riding a motorcycle with Like Minded Friends

  29. let those who ride decide, for its freedom our parents and grandparents fought for our country, Only now to be classed as Criminals because we have a HARLEY and enjoy the open road which is there for the use of all to enjoy.

  30. As a member of a Social Rider Club that participates in many Charity Poker Runs and such Social Rides, I feel that this legislation may inadvertently impact on these events and infringe on our rights to ride as a group.

  31. This was probably conceived by an over officious ‘person’ who does not have much enjoyment in life and doesn’t want any one else to have some either. It really is an erosion of people’s rights. Thanks Mr, Newman.

  32. I thought I lived in the western world where I have payed taxes since I finished school 24 years ago and been riding vtwins for 20 years . I SHOULD HAVE THE FREEDOM to enjoy riding my bike with my mates without being afraid to get my bike out with the chance this DICTATORSHIP has the power to HARASS me and IMPOUND my bike for 90 days first OFFENCE . THE BIKE I BOUGHT WITH THE MONEY I WORKED HARD FOR AND AGAIN PAYED TAXES ON. SECOND OFFENCE COULD BE LOUD PIPES. TOO BAD IT COST YOU OVER $20K WE WILL IMPOUND IT AND KEEP IT SELL IT KEEP THE CASH. I CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO MY RIGHTS. 🙁

  33. I belong to a Christian Motor Cycle Ministry what ever happened to freedom ,we are going back to Bjelki Peterson days

  34. I am a law abiding, voting member of the public and enjoy riding motorbikes. I agree there are some criminals in bikie gangs, but the laws to deal with them already exist. I totally oppose these new laws. And I think all Australians, not just bike owners and riders should oppose them. They are not written to be bikie specific and can be used against anyone, anywhere, any time. These are laws that will erode all our human rights. Stand up no matter what.

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