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What’s Your $200,000 Motorcycle Fantasy Garage Lineup?

Credit: Sourav Mishra

A brand new Porsche 911 GT3 Touring will cost you about $200,000 US (~$250,000 Canadian dollars) out the door.  That is a lot of cheddar even for this beautiful piece of German automotive engineering.

I certainly appreciate the marvelous collection of performance, power, and luxury this fine automobile offers… but there ain’t NO WAY I’d buy it instead of the two-wheeled arsenal that could be assembled for the same amount of dinero.

Porsche 911 GT3 Touring
Credit: Photo from Porsche

I mentioned this recently during a lively discussion that broke out amongst the Powersports Team of writers, reviewers, management, and vehicle enthusiasts who make up the A07 Online Media team. This group produces content on wBW and several other great sites. It led to several members creating detailed lists of their dream vehicles.

Here’s the one I made (in Canadian dollars) to fill my motorcycle fantasy garage.

BMW R nine T Urban GS (Approx. $15k)

BMW R nineT Urban GS
Photo credit: Jorre Walker (kijiji ad)

I’ve been lusting after this small and light motorcycle equipped with BMW’s legendary boxer engine for ages now. The R Nine T Urban GS with its shaft drive and laced rims call out to me on its own, but I’ve allotted an extra $10,000 (bringing the real total up to around $25k) for this purchase to add a custom-built, pivoting sidecar that is quick-detachable. I know a skilled craftsman who builds them.

This bike in the photo is for sale right now only 45 minutes away from my home. It’s taking a lot of willpower not to go buy it even without the imaginary luxury car budget.

Husqvarna Norden 901 (Approx. $25k to $30k?)

Husqvarna Norden 901
Credit: Husqvarna

No one actually knows the price or specs of the yet-to-be-released Norden 901, but based on my KTM 790 Adventure ownership experience I know I want it. To my thinking, this will be the greatest adventure motorcycle on the market if Husky does a proper job outfitting it.

Ducati Streetfighter V4 S (Approx. $28k)

2020 Ducati Streetfighter V4 S
Photography by Stephen Gregory

Of all the naked sportbikes this Italian beauty does it for me the most. That V4 engine sound combined with the dashing good looks is easy to like. I was briefly tempted by the Aprilia Tuono, but in the end, the Duc gets the nod with a few extra thousand dollars tossed in to get the Akra exhaust on it. Here’s a link to my local Ducati dealer (Blackfoot Motosports) who has this exact one for sale right now.

Damon Hypersport HS (Approx. $30k)

Damon Hypersport HS
Credit: Damon Motorcycles

A 200 horsepower electric motorcycle with a 200-mile range, a transforming riding position, and crash-detection technology on board that uses an A.I computer system to manage it. I didn’t go for the much more expensive Premier model because they’re all pre-sold and I don’t need to go that far.

If that isn’t enough, it’s made in Canada… I’m sold! Damon hasn’t actually delivered a single one of their bikes to a customer at the time of this writing, but it’s coming soon. If you’re quick, you can reserve yours here.

Suzuki RG500 Gamma (Approx. $30k)

Suzuki RG500 Gamma
Photo Credit

The 500 Gamma is a legendary 80s motorcycle with a powerful four-cylinder, 2 stroke engine that runs on the fear it induces in its rider… and a bit of mixed gasoline.

Would I pay $30,000+ for a nearly 40-year-old motorcycle?  I would for this one along with many other people.

Honda VFR750R RC30 (Approx. $53k)

Honda VFR750R RC30
Photo Credit: Honda VRF750R RC30

The Gamma is a bargain compared to the iconic Honda RC30.  Maybe it’s the open rear wheel design or the flashy paint job, but this V4-powered, road racer is exactly what my inner wild-child needs to feel complete.

If I were to store the RC30 AND the Gamma 500 in my garage at the same time I think the two powerful auras might collide in a cataclysmic way to create a supernova or tear in the time-space continuum.

Triumph Thruxton R (Approx. $11k to $12k)

2016 Triumph Thruxton R
Credit: Triumph

There’s nothing that special about the Triumph Thruxton R as cafe racer motorcycles go. It only has a rowdy 1200cc inline-twin engine, with twin rear Ohlins shocks, gold-colored Showa front forks, and Brembo brakes paired with the poise and style of a British gentleman… Ok, maybe that is a bit special, eh? A distinguished motorcycle for the days I need to look a little more dapper than dusty.

I promise I won’t take this one off pavement. It’ll be my “pretty bike”. I need a cafe racer in my life and this is the one. And as luck would have it, there’s one for sale nearby. Cheerio.

Honda CRF450L (Approx. $10k)

2019 Honda CRF450L

There are many outstanding dual-sport motorcycles out there I could have chosen, but the 2019 Honda CRF450L, and I hit it off right away when I reviewed it a few years ago.

It just feels like home for lack of a better word, although I would definitely try uncorking it regardless after a time of enjoying its stock configuration. This would be my choice for playing in the dirt more seriously than when on board the Norden.

Triumph Rocket 3 GT (Approx. $30k)

2021 Triumph Rocket 3 GT
Credit: Triumph

2500 cubic centimeters is the largest production motorcycle engine currently on the market. That alone makes me drool over the Rocket 3 GT without even bringing up the power and technology this motorcycle offers.

I almost chose the Honda Goldwing DCT or another big and comfy touring bike for this last one, but Triumph built the Rocket 3 GT to be a touring machine too. It may not have the plush comfort of the Wing, but it would keep me way more entertained on long trips.

There is no replacement for displacement.

What About You?

Those are my picks, not yours, but we want to hear about your picks too!  Would you turn your garage into a motorcycle dealership like I have or limit yourself to only a couple of high-end beauties?  Make your list and tell us why you went the way you did with your $200,000 US budget.

Leave us a comment below with your choices. We’ll enjoy reading all about your love for the Honda CBX1000 or Ducati Panigale Superleggera V4. Arch KRGT-1? Norton Commando?

We’ll Choose A Winner!

The contest closes at 12 noon EST on July 30, 2021. We will announce the winner via our newsletter (Behind the Visor, which you’re totally subscribed to, right?).
It’s going to be difficult if not impossible, but after reading through all the lists we’ll gather again as a team here at A07 Online to choose the best/most interesting list. Be creative, thoughtful, or even ridiculous with your choices. You never know what combination of machinery will get the team’s vote and win you the gift certificates along with bragging rights.

We’ll present the winner with $1000 in Revzilla gift certificates! It might not buy you all the bikes you picked, but you’ll definitely be able to afford something nice for the one you have.

May the “best” list win!

– Jim

  1. The Motus MST-R, fastest factory bagger. Long distance sport bike. $38k

    Bimota V-Due, because everyone needs a completely Bonkers italian bike you can’t rely on but can’t Not ride.

    The original Hypermotard for those roads where you cannot maintain 60mph anyway.

    Yamaha TY-E, for when you need to go slow, and ride over your neighbours car in the middle of the night and have no explanation for the tire tracks.

    JPS Norton RCW588 Rotary, as living room art, and to use up any leftover budget.

    1. THE 1949 VINCENT BLACK LIGHTNING BMW R50 New loaded BMW k1600 GTL Loaded low mileage about 2000 HD Road King
      Early Busa
      am I there yet?

    2. I’d buy a warehouse and fill it with an absurd amount of Craigslist shit boxes that I’ve always wanted.

    3. 1. late 1930’s Indian Pony Scout (£11,000 estimate) – chosen because you would ride an £11,000, (if you owned a £150,000 concourse 1921 Indian Scout it would live in a vault) – so it is the smart choice.

      2. Lightning LS-218 (£45,000) – worlds fastest ebike – I would take it to Bonneville Speed week and join the 200mph club, it would also be possible to achieve the ‘E-Class” land speed record on this bike.

      3. Honda Mx125 Monkey bike (£5000 when you add on all the bits you need) I already own one and have driven it from Lands End to John Ogroats in 3 days – If I could only have one bike I would have this.

      4. 2021 Honda Grom (£4000 – again thee are bits you have to add to tweak it quick) – why? You can’t take a pillion on the Monkeybike so you need a Grom.

      5. Kawasaki H2R (£41,000) – “Duh, it’s Turbocharged!”

      6. Yamaha Tenaree 700 (£12000 with luggage set up) – this will be my next bike purchase for a Ride from Malmesbury U.K. to Moscow in aid o Alzheimer’s U.K.

      7. Royal Enfield Flying Flea (£15,000 estimated) – My grandfather was a Military Policeman in WW2 and rode as a dispatch rider. He was due to parachute on D-Day with a flea, but was diverted with urgent orders. He Missed the invasion and was sent to Palestine where he was give a horse. Would be cool to own the bike from his story 😉

      8. MOTO GUZZI V7 Special (£8000) looks stunning and I need an Italian bike in the garage to complain about ?

      Total – £146,000 GBP = $200,000 USD

      1. Great list John! I also enjoyed the history and explanations you shared. Thank you!

        1. Excellent list with a good dollop of the historical and modern, large & small. Every ride would be unique!

  2. Well, I *was* going to start with a Britten V-1000 but they are currently valued at $250,000 so that’d be the whole budget. And that budget wouldn’t even come close to including a 1952 Vincent Black Lightning Series C (or the Egli-Vincent that was part of the Guggenheim Museum’s “The Art of the Motorcycle” collection)…So, excluding those, here’s my *diminished* list in no particular order:
    1) 2018 MV Agusta F4 Claudio ($83k) because every big bucks collection should have something exclusive and the MVs are gorgeous;
    2) 2021 Ducati XDiavel Black Star ($26k) because you need a muscle bike and this one drips style and speed;
    3) 2021 Honda CB500X ($7k) because it’s perfect (for me) for exploring my state’s plethora of logging roads;
    4) 1998 Ducati 916 SPS ($6k) because it’s sexy and light (and why are they going for a mere $6k?);
    5) Jim’s fantasy 1990 Honda VFR750F RC30 ($53k? okay) because? Because it’s AWESOME, light and fast, that’s why! Fight me for it!;
    6) 2021 BMW R 1250 RT ($28k) fully optioned because sometimes you just need to get *there* in a hurry and it’s far away;
    7) 1985 Yamaha RZ350 Kenny Roberts Edition ($13k mint) because that’s a pittance for the first motorcycle I lusted after and still want; and,
    8) lightly-used current generation Kawasaki ZX-6R ($9k) for daily riding.

    1. No fair! You changed the budget three days after I submitted my selection! WHAAAAAAA! Okay, I’ll drop #5, the RC30 and use the extra $3k for some new riding gear and tires.

  3. Every 250 and 400 from the early 90’s Japanese golden age.
    Plus a few Aprilia rs250’s.
    Cr250 honda

    1. Been riding over 40 years, anything I could get my hands on. I have one of my dream bikes, a 15 Indian Roadmaster. I’d keep that. To supplement the stable, I’d add a Ducati Multistrata V4 with the adaptive cruise and all the bells and whistles (about $35k). I know it’s the same but different, I also lust after a KTM Duke GT 1290. I feel the need to hooligan a bit (about $32k).
      There’s something about Kawasaki’s naked 1000 that appeals to the same inner hooligan for $17ish. Then a couple of classics, a mid ’70s Yamaha two-stroke RD400 , Mom had one when dad didn’t want it, maybe even the insanity that was the Suzuki RG500 or the Yammy RD500. Then there’s the full off road four stroke dirt bikes. I’d get two or three so my friends could come out with me. Then, because Canada, a big quad and a Yamaha Sidewinder snow machine. Outside is where I’d have to park the Princecraft Deck boat… The leftover cash would have to go for gas!!

  4. 1). RC30 – one of the most beautiful bikes ever designed, and also one of the most iconic. $30,000
    2). RC45 – because why not. Still beautiful, and a bit more exotic than the 30. $50,000
    3). KTM 890 Duke R. Dollar for dollar, the best street bike on the market, and pretty damn fun to hustle around the track. I currently own one and would happily buy another $13,000
    4). Panigale V4R – might as well buy the class leading liter bike while we’re spending the money $40,000
    5). Whatever the new Multistrada V4 “pikes peak” ends up being. $30,000
    6). Kramer 890 GP2 – purpose built track/race bike with a peach of a power plant. $32,450
    7). I’ve got 4500 left – I’ll buy a used 450 supermoto of some sort. Everyone needs a sumo.

  5. How much of the budget can be applied to build a new and bigger garage? And pay the insurance? Followed by the divorce bill…

    1. HD VR1000

      # 19 …Freddie Spencer’s CB750F Superbike

      # 498 … Art ” the Dart ” GS1000 Suzuki Superbike

      Larry ” Spiderman ” McBride … world’s fastest Top Fuel motorcycle

    2. Michael stop being so practical! We’ll assume that you have sufficient garage or storage space already. Bring on the fantasy list of bikes!

  6. 1. MV Augusta Brutale RR SCS – $20,500 – For stylishly running about the twisty Arkansas highways
    2. Harley Pan America S – $22,000 – For those long trips
    3. Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled – $12,000 – For tackling the back roads and fire roads
    4. Indian FTR 1200 R Carbon – $17,000 – Because it looks so awesome and I’m a big fan of flat track racing
    5. Moto Guzzi Griso 1200 S.E. – $14,800 – For running errands. Love the styling.
    6. BMW RNineT Pure – $11,000 – Another option for running errands. Retro gold.
    7. Combat Motorcycles P-51 Combat Fighter – $100,000 – Why not? I mean, look at it.

    Total – $197,300.00

    1. I might substitute ther Arch KRGT-1 for that Combat. Other than that I like your lineup…especially the Indian and that sweet Griso!

  7. 1. Regular Daily Ride – Kawasaki z900RS – It’s the perfect everyday bike (not a biased owner here at all) – 11K
    2. Touring – Kawasaki Ninja H2SX – Tour in comfort with life-saving tech and an insane turbo boost scream to keep the boredom at bay on longer trips – 25K
    3. Hooliganing – Ducati Hypermotard 950SP – Every rider has to have a Ducati and this is the only one that won’t roast your balls off. And it’s physically impossible to ride this thing and NOT release your inner hooligan – 17K
    4. Grocery Getter – Vespa 946 – There’s something seriously wrong with your brain if don’t smile when seated on a Vespa. Plus like 100 mile range makes a perfect city grocery getter/movie night with the Mrs ride (normally wouldn’t recommend the 946 but since we have cash to burn) – 11k
    5. Best-Boy Transport – Ural Gear Up – Who doesn’t miss their best friend when out riding? Take them with you in a sidecar. Rock up with a dog in doggles? That’s the real way to impress the ladies on two….er three wheels – 19K
    6. Vintage – 4 Cylinder 40’s Indian – Leave the Panheads and Nortons for the basic bobs. If you’re gonna ride something that lacks abs and modern features, ride something that looks badass and truly vintage. – 25K for a “Good” model, this is for parade duty and occasional rides no need to blow the wad.
    7. Flat Track – Indian FTR 750 – guarantee you can get more dirt time than times on pavement tracks and you’ll get more smiles per mile too. If you’re going to do it, why not ride a crazy, purpose built machine that’s destroying everyone else (plus there’s no way this doesn’t go up in value) – 50K
    8. Custom Build/Chance to meet Keanu? – Arch – One of the biggest benefits of being wealthy is enabling small builders to innovate and push the industry. Plus, who wouldn’t want to hang out with Keanu and talk bikes? Never met him, but seems like the ultimate wing-man and quiet riding companion. Not guaranteed with purchase, but let’s hope – The rest of the budget

  8. 2021 Mustang Mach 1 in grey
    Triumph Rocket 3 TFC
    Honda Monkey bike for fun
    Hasselblad 907x 50c to get som awesome studio shot of my stuff!

  9. Triumph T120R 1970 Bonneville to relive my youth and rekindle fond memories.
    Harley Pan American for some adventure riding while I can still ride.
    Harley Livewire as a daily ride and my nod to the planet
    Harley CVO Street Glide Special for my long distance rides on the lap of OZ.

  10. BSA B44GP
    BSA B50MX
    Moto Guzzi Falcone
    Moto Guzzi Ercole
    Moto Guzzi V85TT Travel
    Work Benches to contain sufficient spares for all
    Ducati 450 Scrambler

  11. Keep my current CRF230F – the accurately named “ladies bike” does everything offroad that this lady (me) needs. But I would spend some money on replacing those parts that I have been unable to afford to replace.
    Buy a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled.
    I would also buy a dirt bike and all necessary parts to do a custom scrambler build.
    Upgrade all of my riding gear, as I only have inexpensive (and therefore poor performing) gear.
    I would let my partner buy a couple of bikes for himself and give him the money to get his motorcycle licence.
    Any remaining money would go towards any tools my partner wants/needs for maintaining so many bikes!

    1. This wins the award for the most unselfish list… Emily, we and your partner don’t deserve you! lol

    2. We need to know what specific bikes you and your partner want though. It’s important in the spirit of the contest!

  12. 2004 Harley ultra classic daily ride. Dream of Can Am RTL and Harley Triglide for future wish list. Age is catching up but still on two wheels at 67 and enjoying. Do most all of my own work. I’m now retired but still finding it hard to get time for riding.

  13. I’d take the Porsche, I live in NZ. Registration for 9 bikes over
    601cc would cost $4671 per year . $519 a year each .
    The Porsche $109.
    My Shiver is currently tucked up in the stable with a bale of hay for the winter (3 months reg on hold )
    You would have to be a millionaire to own the bikes and not the Porsche lol

    1. This post wins for the most unfortunate information I’ve heard to date. Adrian, that’s criminal! You can only ride one bike at a time after all!

    2. What about just spending all the money on one or two really special motorcycles to make it more affordable for you in NZ?

  14. 2019 V-Max
    2021 Rocket 3R
    2021 V4S Multistrada
    2020 H2-R
    2017 NightRod
    2021 R18

  15. Without being selfish, I have the Fatboy HD, beside that I would pair up a Triumph rocket G3, for a girls day out shopping, you couldn’t do without the Ducati street fighter V4 for sass. That’s all, I’d be extremely happy with that choice. ?

    1. Come on Robyne! Those are great choices but there’s got to be more! lol! What about bikes for your friends to ride with you?

  16. 1. First year GSXR 1100
    2. Honda CBX 1979
    3.Kawasaki KZ900
    4.Honda RC35
    5. Honda RC45
    6. Suzuki GSXR 1000
    7. Suzuki GSXR 750
    8. Yamaha R1
    9. Harley-Davidson Fatboy 2008

  17. 1980 Ducati 900 SS DARMAH, not just any Ducati but my friend Shannon’s who was killed by drunk driver min 1984, his brother can’t let it go yet. never been titled, still has the 1980 Italian air in the tires. Just as Shannon left it.
    1984 Moto Guzzi California 2 that Shannon sold me and helped me put together out of the crate a couple of weeks before he died. I still have it but would completely refurbish it.
    2017 Honda VF1200F to tour on with my Awesome Wife and have her be comfortable and happy.
    BMW f800ST for the solo tours, plenty of everything, not too much of anything, way comfortable and great fun.
    Colorado Norton Works Norton 850, because those Nortons are the prettiest to my eye and CNW makes them work and keep working.
    Kawasaki Versys 400 adventure outfitted with soft luggage so that I don’t hurt myself when I fall under it trying to do a BDR beyond my skills.
    Yamaha Seca 400 if there is anything left in the budget because I find them cool and they are just unusual enough without being weird, parts can still be found and they are a ton of fun.

    1. Is there a Versys 400?! You had me really excited for a minute! Or are you talking about stuffing a Z400 engine into a Versys X frame? I like that.

      1. OM Good G, I went to the Norton Works website and I must agree with John – those Nortons are un-be-lievably gorgeous!! Wow, a new favorite for me as well, John!

  18. 1. Kawasaki Z900RS (14k with mods), which I already own and love, it’s my daily driver.
    2. 1973 Kawasaki Z1 (20k), so I can get matchy-matchy with the original.
    3. Ducati Monster 1100 Evo ABS (7k), I’ve wanted a monster ever since I got my license in 2008, and this model checks off a lot of boxes.
    4. Triumph Scrambler XE (16k), it’s too pretty to actually take off road, I know, but it’s got style and I want to do it anyway.
    5. Yamaha Tenere 700 (10k), for when I inevitably decide I don’t want to muck up the Triumph.
    6. HD XR1200X (11k with mods), I’m not a harley person but this flat track-inspired model has always intrigued me. I would probably build a custom out of it.
    7. KTM 300 EXC-F (12k), I would upgrade my dirtbike and go orange.
    8. 1969 Vespa 180 Rally (7k), my first bike was a modern vespa and I would enjoy a two-stroke classic.
    9. Ducati Multistrada V4S (27k), this would be my long haul tourer.
    10. I would have to leave 40k for whatever catches my eye next. Norden? Sportster S? FTR Carbon? I need wiggle room.
    11. The remaining 36k is for the truck and trailer I need to buy to deal with all of these bikes. Honestly I need to upgrade my prius.

  19. 1. Kawasaki H2 750 CC 2 stroke with expansion chambers.
    with the two stroke smoke, the scream from the 3 expansion chambers, the spinning rear tire and it trying to go over backwards you better be pointed straight and have it upright when it hits the power band. Big brother to my 1969 Kawasaki H1 500 CC two stroke triple
    2. Suzuki Hayabusa, the definition of power cruiser.
    3. 2024 BMW 100th anniversary bike to go with the 2004 BMW Rockster edition 80 I currently own.
    4. Harley V Rod Muscle, what can I say, a Harley with a Porche engine, how cool was that.
    5 Honda XR650L, great dual purpose single cylinder, 4 stroke.

  20. BMW nine T scrambler for every day
    BMW GS 1200 for adventures
    Triumph bobber for the weekend
    Ducatti Hypermotard and Monster for the boring days
    Vespa GTS 300 for coffee
    Harley Davidson livewire to embrace the future

  21. Honestly, a 200k motorcycle fantasy lineup could go on infinitely for us enthusiasts.

    Personally, I’d like to purchase my older motorcycles back that I had to sell to pay off cancer bills. Nothing special, but they were my first ride and my first upgrade. A rebel 250 and a Harley Street 750. I learned how to ride on that 250, hoping to keep it in shape for my son to eventually learn on. The street 750 was my first bigger bike that I modded and rode around with pride.

    I’d get those two bikes back in a heart beat and then ideally put anything else towards a garage set up for maintenance and repair. Maybe learn enough to fix up totalled bikes.

  22. I’m already living the dream. Here’s my actual – no bull – 200k dream garage:
    1) 2020 Harley CVO Sport Glide
    2) 2020 Triumph 765R LE
    3) 2019 Suzuki Hayabusa (tweaked)
    4) 2016 Harley Sporster 48 (seriously built)
    5) 2011 Honda CBR 1000 RR
    6) 2014 Harley Breakout
    7) 2012 Monster Race Bike w Paul Smart fairing
    8) 2012 Suzuki GSXR 750
    9) 2019 Suzuki 50
    10) 2016 Yamaha R6
    11) 2000 Honda VFR
    12) 2007 BMW K1200 GT
    13) 2012 Honda CBR 600 RR
    14) 2012 Ducati 848
    Hits 200K with sales taxes and mods.

  23. My present garage is:
    – Mazda RX8 – 2006
    – Mercedes SLK 200 R170 – 2000
    – Kawasaki ZZR 1100 (ZX11) – 1999
    – Yamaha TDM 850 – 2000
    Their updated market value is approx. 15k usd
    So, I would add the following:
    – Bmw R18 – First Edition 25k usd
    – HD Breakout – 30k usd
    – HD Street Glide – 35k usd
    – Husqvarna 430 – 15k usd
    – Kawasaki H2 – 35k usd
    – Kawasaki W800 – 10k usd

    – Mercedes E Class 500 w124 – used – 25k usd approx

  24. 1968 Bultaco Metralla
    1967 Triumph Daytona T100R
    1967 Honda CB450
    1967 Honda 305 Scrambler
    1967 Harley Sportster
    2021 Aprilia RS 660
    2021 Aprilia V4 Factory
    2021 Honda CBR650R ABS
    2021 Harley LiveWire

  25. One of every concept bike of any origin that never made it into commercial production ! Now, that would be quite a collection !
    Thank you.
    I am getting the blueprint of my garage thru the approval stage.

  26. Great think tank. Although easy for this simple rider. first choice purely to spend a lot of $$. Next 3 are fair dinkum.

    ARCH KRGT-1 (dreaming)
    Rocket 3 GT (luv it)
    Triumph Scrambler 1200 XC (next purchase)
    RE Himalayan (to go off road without worrying about dropping it).
    BMW R18 if enough left over

  27. Honda cbx1000 , 6 cylinders, who could ask for more
    Triumph Rocket, a unique experience
    Honda cb200 in green. My first bike, before I had a license!
    An Arlen Ness custom bike made for me.
    A Yamaha RD350, that 2 stroke noise is pure music.
    An Aerial Square Four. Just like one my father fell off.
    A Graeme Crosby Race replica, he still makes them
    A Ural with sidecar and 2wheel drive. Just want to go Bush bashing in one. And drink vodka. Not at same time of course.
    A Yamaha Tz750 , a notorious but very successful racer
    And a Honda Africa to mooch about on.
    Is that asking too much, ok, a Suzuki RE5 as well. Who wouldn’t want a wankel engine

  28. Greetings Everyone!!!
    Since my wife and I both ride, matching motorcycles would be awesome:
    2-Harley Davidson Fat Boys (117’s)
    2-Yamaha YZ250F’s
    2-Honda 600RR
    2-Honda Groms
    This would be a great mixture of cruisers, sport bikes, dirt bikes and pit bikes to be able to ride under any conditions!!!!

  29. Harley Livewire
    Ural with sidecar
    Harley Pan America
    Aptera with 1000 mile battery option
    Harley XR1200

  30. I understand that this article is about my garage, but after many years ago I became interested in the philosophy of stoicism, I looked at many things differently, I had several bikes, but I sold everything and bought myself one Ural Patrol 2WD 2014, and since then my views have not changed, many children seeing my motorcycle want to ride in a sidecar, and with the permission of their parents, I sometimes ride them and they are happy.

    I live in Florida and I know about 15 Charity motorcycle organization for children. so if I had the right to dispose of the 250k that I can spend on motorcycles for myself, here’s what I would do:

    I would buy 12 X 2021 Ural cT Terracotta

    The cost of one is $19,267.00 so I would spend almost 250k and give these motorcycles to the property of charitable organizations so that they could give happiness to children.

    Enjoy life guys and give happiness to others! ride safe!

  31. Hmm, well I’ll go with the limit of $200,000 and forget about the costs of expanding my humble garage to fit these wonderful machines.
    Before reading this list, you probably need to know that I’m 56, and I ride to connect with myself and other people. The journey is the destination. I’ll pass on the track days and instead ride 400 miles to find that fantastic BBQ joint that I heard about. I picked the following list of bikes because I believe they will aid me on my journey to know myself and find out more about the people that share the road with me.
    1) First, my 2015 Willow and Cream Indian Chief Vintage gets a prominent place. “Betty-Sioux” is my dream bike and she takes me where I want to go in body and spirit. She’s a head turner and it’s a rare trip when I don’t get as many compliments on the bike as I make stops. – Price $0
    2)I’d buy two Ural Gear Up models. Those tank-like crawlers would be so much fun to explore fire roads with my family and friends. Why 2? Well, if 2 is company, then 4 is a party! I could see me taking a crew back into the Appalachians with some camping gear and making a weekend of memories. Oh, and just to because I’m me, I’d mount some air soft guns where the machine gun mounts would be on the sidecars. Yeah. – Estimated price $ 45,000
    3)Goldwing Tour 2021. For the times I need to travel, far, fast, quietly, and alone this is the vehicle. I don’t think anyone has found a better formula for the absolute best tourer. The comfort, handling, and detail on this machine makes it a must for doing Iron Butt rides, and just packing up for a cross country trek. – Estimated price $40,000
    4)My next pick is bar bike. But not just any bar bike. This one is going to be heard coming, going, and even generate some noise from passers by when parked on the sidewalk. A Big Dog K-9 fuel injected chopper fully blinged out. This one would be a ground shaker/neighbor annoyer, with so much chrome you’d need to avert your eyes on sunny days or nights with a full moon. It would definitely be tough to pull that 9 foot bike around a parking lot (or my newly overstuffed garage!), but sometimes you just have let people know the circus is in town. Sure, I couldn’t ride it for more than 40 miles, but for those 40 I’d get a full workout and enough bugs in my teeth to make a few beers necessary to wash them away. Estimated price – $40,000
    5)Now for my dream of dreams – I want a 1940 Indian Scout 640-B WWII military bike. I would fully expect this to be a project that would take some time to restore and kit out the way I want. I don’t want to display this machine, I want to ride it. Restoration would involve a few upgrades for dependability, but I’d try to make sure they were not too overt. Olive drab, white star, rifle sleeve, tan leather saddlebags, all commanded by that 3 speed suicide shifted 22 HP engine. Estimated cost – The remainder of the $200,000!

    That’s my head turning dream list. Thank you for the imaginative bucket list exercise. Please ship bikes to….

  32. $200k, huh?

    I’m already pretty well set with my current fleet, but I need to sell some bikes that my now-adult kids have grown out of, and get them newer ones so they can join me on Backcountry Discovery Routes. So, start with three CRF300 Rally with lowering kits and ADV accessories installed as needed.

    Then I ‘need’ a touring bike for me and the ol’ lady as we become empty nesters, and the one I have lusted after for years unrequited is a Victory Cross Country with all the bells and whistles: powerful, comfortable and agile, in Pearl White, please. And Polaris/Indian, if you’re listening: you’re getting closer with the new Challenger – just put it on a diet.

    As a moto-trials enthusiast, I feel the need to update my current selection, so how about a TRS X-Track with the magic button, and the new Yamaha TY-e (as previously mentioned upstream), to go with my Beta 4T and my Montesa Cota 315 (which would get a resto-mod).

    Until such time as Harley brings out more bikes with the new motor, such as the artist’s concept of a new XLCR I’ve seen on the ‘net, I’ll take a Breakout. I would also like the prettiest Zero ever made, the SR/S, but I’d have to spend some coin on a fast charger for the dream garage.

    I’ve noticed others responding to this listing cherished bikes from their pasts. I know you can never go back, but I’d reacquire a ’76 Honda CB200T (my first bike also), an ’86 Kawasaki KDX 200 (my first dirt bike), an ’84 Suzuki GS650G (the perfect solo UJM), and an ’89 Kawasaki KLR 650 (bet you won’t find that on anyone else’s list).

    Also, in a previous life we used to race mini-GPs at a local go-kart track lost to inexorable development. I found, but never got to race, a Honda MB-5, which I’d like to hot-rod with better brakes and an 80cc kit. To restore balance to the force, a four-stroke would also be needed, so I’ll add an Ohvale GP-2 Daytona to the garage. In reality, it would take all of the $200k plus more to create a new track locally to enjoy mini-GP racing again, but it’s the most fun you can have with clothes on so I’d like to bring those days back.

    Finally, I’m 62 and still healthy enough to ride, so before I age out of the sport I need to own a Moto Guzzi. Maybe two? A V85TT and of course, the most beautiful motorcycle ever built, the M-G MGS-01 Corsa.

    I’ll let y’all do the math and tally all these up.

    1. Oh yes, mini gp’s – used to do those in Redding, CA in the 06 – 08 window before insurance problems nixed it at the only track they allowed it. CA plunged downhill from there and the wife & I finally moved out in ’14. So thankful we did!

  33. Triumph Rocket 3 GT (Approx. $30k)
    Honda CBR 1100XX (2003 or later model, with Givi Wingrack 2 & 3 cases, Ohlins suspension, Helibars, dual-Yoshimura exhausts, Power Commander, upgraded stator and regulator & Corbin Gunfighter seat) Approx. 18-20k
    KTM Super Duke 1290(Approx. 20k)
    BMW GS 1250 (Approx. 28k)
    Indian Challenger Dark Horse (Approx. 39k)

  34. I’d have to expand my garage to a 4 car garage. Ford Raptor for hauling my toys.
    I’d get these
    2021 Aprilia® RS 660
    Indian Challenger Dark Horse
    1959 Piaggio VESPA SPRINT 150
    1947 Harley-Davidson KNUCKLEHEAD HOTROD BOBBER
    1942 Moto Guzzi Classic

  35. For 200,000 USD you can dream big! With what we have available today you can snag a bike for whatever kind of riding you are going to do!

    The most expensive bike on this list:
    The KRGT-1 by ARCH motorcycle 85,000 USD (YIKES) This would be my commuter bike for riding around town or small trips to nearby communities. This is also the type of bike I would show up to large events with or enter in shows. 2L 45 degree vtwin is tons of power when you need it with looks and supporting accessories to match

    Bike 2 would be my adventure and long distance bike, for that I would select the 2022 R 1250 GS which comes in at 26k USD with everything Id want to add probably closer to 30k. I have a variation on this right now and its a great long distance bike with the equipment to haul whatever you want….not to mention it can do offroading if you need it.

    Bike 3 is the ZERO FXE. Supermoto style bike with an electric motor… not sure if I need to explain more than that. 12k USD

    Bike 4 is the Ducati Sport 1000, in black, fullly modified and upgraded. Its a classy bike that is just a work of art. Not sure if I would ride it or just stare at it all the time. 20k with mods.

    Bike 5 is the Yamaha R1M. You can have a bike for pure performance in the corners and take to the track…or just be a hoon in the city. Its a beautiful bike that was properly executed. Yamaha isn’t known for the fastest bikes but they sure do handle like the best. 28-30k with exhaust and mods

    Bike 6 is the Husqvarna TE250 for when the dirt biking mood hits… also a wicked bike when you swap out the nobblies for slicks. 10k

    With the last 13k I would probably just by some tools & and a bike stand so I can do all the work needed my self.

  36. 1.) 2021 Cb1000r. What can I say, its beautiful! I need the upright to go with my CBR1000rr! (Approx. $16,000)
    2.) 2021 Kawasaki kx450f for my boyfriend because he has always wanted one! Ill givr a rip too hahaha (Approx. $11,000)
    3.)2021 KTM Superduke R cause holy does that thing look MEAN! Bet its phenomenal to rip around on too! (Approx. $20,000)
    4.) 2020 CRF1000L Africa Twin. Would love to get on an adventure bike for those days I want to go off the beaten path! (Approx. $17,000)
    5.) Can Am Maverick X3 Max rs turbo rr in Blue. I mean… That thing is a BEAST! (Approx. $50,000 CAD?)
    6.) I need two of this one; M8000 Mountain Cat Alpha One. Gotta have a his/hers! (Approx. $40,00 for 2)
    7.) Gotta stick with my Honda love. A 2021 CRF250R. Grew up riding dirtbikes for many many years. Id love to have another one! (Approx. $10,000)
    8.) Id spend the remaining Approx. $35,000 on all the gear needed as well as some modifications.
    That would be a DREAM!

  37. I’d divide the budget in half, use the first half for adventure, and the second for speed.

    Adventure – buy half a dozen used KLR650’s (about $10k) and use the rest take a group of buddies riding every interesting road in Western Canada.

    Speed – fund 4 teams of engineering students to build creative Bonneville salt flats race bikes for classes that don’t have a previous speed record. Creativity would be more important than speed. Bikes powered by compressed air, or lemons. You get the idea. I’ll race them and use the record attempts to raise money for kids charities.

    1. So the dream garage would contain a bunch of beat up old KLR’s and some weird race bikes. But one wall would be a floor to ceiling map of everywhere we’ve ridden those KLR’s, across would be a wall displaying the obscure land speed records, and a third would be covered in photos of all those experiences

  38. My ideal garage would include the following
    Triumph Rocket 3 GT
    Triumph Thruston RS
    Triumph Bonneville T120
    Goldwing Tour 2021
    Ural and Side car
    Royal Enfield Classic 500 Tribute Black
    Royal Enfield Continental GT 650
    Ducati Panigale
    That would fill my garage and leave me some cash to splash on accessories, security and rego lol.

  39. Custom painted Indian Trike tuned by Lloydz Motoworks
    Triumph Bonneville
    Harley Panhead
    Ural 2WD with sidecar
    Excelsior Henderson
    Pocket full of cash to outfit a tool box full of tools
    A kitchen makeover to keep the wife happy while I ride

  40. In my dream garage I would need a ride to fit my ever changing moods

    ? Dream ride and for when I am feeling intelligent–2021 Indian Vintage, custom painted deep purple with black leather saddle bags and lots of chrome. $25,000

    ? For when I want to go FAST–A Honda CB500X with a Rally wheel conversion. $30,000

    ? For when I am feeling like a bad a#$, a Harley CVO Limited. $50,000
    ? For when I am feeling racy a 2022 Enduro R 125 GS Rally Package. 48,000
    ?For when I am wanting to go to Kansas City and see my daughter and not fall into a pot hole, a CAN-Am Spyder Limited with trailer. $17,000
    ? For when I feel an everlasting party with Odin, a 2020 Valkyrie 1800. $20,000
    ? For when I feel like a kid again and just want to mess around out in the pasture, a 2021 Honda Monkey! $4500.00
    ? For when I feel adventurous and want to ride the trails in the Black Hills a CBR 1000RR-R Firebird SP. $30,000
    ? A 2022 R 1250 GS BMW Enduro Rally Package for when I want to just spend a lot of money and need to complete a contest that adds up to 200,000.
    ?1973 Suzuki Hustler with an empty Skoal’s Can for a gas cap when I am feeling sentimental and want to ride my 1st bike and my first love. $1000

  41. Design that fulfills function over form often has an irresistible aesthetic to me. It is for that reason I desire a:

    1909 FN 500/4.

    It is the the “duality of man”, the ultimate bias,
    the antitheses of the old FN, that compels me to include the exquisite form (not that function was overlooked) of a:

    Ducati 916.

    Speaking of the “Duality of man”;
    the “Mr Hyde” lurking within
    needs a:

    Husqvarna 701 SM.

    If the roads are dry and I don’t need to transport more
    than can be comfortably carried on two wheels, the old
    “tin top” invariably remains in the shed unused. Instead I mount my versatile and wonderfully functional Gen II Versys 650 that never fails to put a smile on my face. For that reason there remains a place in the garage for my:

    Gen II Kawasaki Versys 650.

    For longer distances I know I’d be happy heading to
    the further horizons on a:

    Kawasaki ZX14.

    Budget allowing, there’s definitely a spot
    in the garage for the iconic:

    HRD Vincent Black Shadow.

    Warm wishes and keep the shiny side up.

  42. I’m more about the numbers in my garage.
    Kawasaki green Concours 1400
    2004 Katana 750
    MV Augusta Turismo Veloce.
    BMW R 1200 RT-P Police Bike. 2014 BMW F800gt
    2007 vfr800 anniversary edition. 2014 victory Vision.
    2009 Moto Guzzi Norge 850, not here in the states
    Suzuki GT750 2 stroke.
    I’m short of the total but have limited space in the garage, wif’es car goes inside for the winter. LOL

  43. I like bikes. After reading several posts my list like so many others might exceed the limit. So lets think used. To start my high end over engineered fix would have to be: the Horex VR6 RAW and VR6 BLACK editions, don’t think they are presently made so…used. A classic vintage Crocker, a vintage Vincent Black Shadow, a vintage Indian Scout, a vintage Ariel Square Four, a Kawasaki H1, a Honda CBX, that little Honda racer 6 cylinder that spun up to 20k rpm back in the 60’s and was only 250cc, modern scramblers: Ducati Desert Sled, BMW NineRT, Benelli Leoncino 500 and 800, Kawasaki Z900, Ducati Monster 1200S, Honda CB1000R BLACK edition, 1987 Honda CR250 revisited, a Suzuki TM400 (tasmania devil) just for schlitz and giggles, a Kawasaki 900 cruiser the one with the Ninja motor 1988?, an Aprilia Elephant dual sport, an ATK 406, any standard mc with liquid cooling, disc brakes, decent suspension, adequate power, 3.5 gallon tank or larger….that has a COMFORTABLE SEAT. I like bikes.

  44. Forgot to add MV Agusta Brutale 800 and the unobtanium 1000. Kawasaki Eddie Lawson replica 1200 Kawasaki Green of course. Yamaha Banshee always wanted just one ride on one.

  45. It’s quite simple I’m a machinist and with all that money i would build my dream machine/fab shop so i can build my own bikes.
    I prefer building my own parts and with 200k i could make my dream shop come to life.

  46. First I make room with a tool shed and prep the garage – $6000
    Arch KRGT-1 — $100,000
    Honda Gold Wing tour — $33,000
    Yamaha Tracer 9 GT — $16,000
    My own 98 Honda Nighthawk 750 restored with new paint, new forks and new tachometer –$4,000
    Motorcycle related charity $41,200

    1. Awesome list, Kevin. Very classy to make a hefty donation to charity in lieu of buying a Panigale V4R too. You’re a bigger man than me! lol

  47. $250k CAD would buy me this sweet list of motorcycles, I’ll start with 3 that I already have with the prices I paid for them:
    1. 2009 Aprilia Mana 850 – $5k
    2. 2014 Aprilia SR50 R Factory with the full Malossi race setup – $5k
    3. 2014 MV Agusta Brutale 675 – $7k
    4. 2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT – $37k
    5. 2021 Honda CRF450RL – $17k with a new seat, new exhaust, SW Motech skidplate, Bark Busters and a few other goodies.
    6. 2009 Aprilia SXV550 – $9k brand new on Vancouver Island right now!
    7. 2009 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 – $7k with a full Arrow exhaust.
    8. 2007 Aprilia Shiver 750 – $7k, the gold one which was my first bike with a full Dominator Exhaust system.
    9. 2014 MV Agusta Brutal Dragster 800 RR red & black with the black spoked wheels and a lot of red twill glossy carbon fiber pieces – $18k
    10. 2022 Honda Ruckus – $5k bone stock
    11. 1998 Honda CR500R – $7k approximately, it’s fine if it’s a little beat up!
    12. Aprilia Tuono 660 – $18k with an Austin Racing or SC Project exhaust.
    13. 2016 Aprilia RSV4 RF – $20k
    14. 2021 Honda X-ADV 750 – $15k once I finally got it here to Canada.
    15. 2000 Aprilia RS250 – $10k I could probably have one brought over from the US for about that price.
    16. 2019 Motus MSTR – $45k I could probably get it for less as they’re now defunct.
    17. 2016 Yamaha FZ09 – $8k gotta have another wheelie machine in the stable!
    18. 2011 Aprilia Dorsoduro 1200 – $8k Biggest hooligan bike ever!

    That takes me to $248k. As you can see, I adore Aprilias!!

    1. For my last $2k, I would rent the Mission raceway for the day and get all my buddies and all my bikes there for us all to have a blast on! They could provide the BBQ!

    2. Great list, Joel! Nothing wrong with a garage full of “Apes” that’s for sure. Put me down as one of your friends for the track day, please! That would be a blast! I love the inclusion of the Honda adventure scooter! I need to find room for that on my list now!

      1. Haha, you would absolutely be invited for the track day! One of my friends is renting it out in 2 weeks so we can all go rip our bikes for the day… He got the Fireblade RR-R from the Honda shop I work at in Vancouver BC, Carter Motorsports!

        Whose list won?? I didn’t see it in the Behind The Visor newsletter. I would love to have that $1000 to get a steering damper for my MV Agusta Brutale 675… It is in dire need of one! Far too squirrelly from the ultra light weight!

        1. I just finished putting together the article to announce the winner and I’m editing the video right now. We’ll try and get it published in the next couple of days and announced on the FaceBook group as well.

          The CBR1000R-RR SP? Oh baby!

  48. Arch KrGT-1
    KTM SMCR690
    Yamaha WR250R
    Y2K bike
    Arial motorcycle
    BMW K100
    Honda CR500
    Kawasaki widow maker
    Suzuki GS1000 classic

  49. Well, it would have to be the MTT Y2K.
    See, my Roman history is a little rusty, but I am pretty sure Caesar Augustus said “multum non multa” when justifying purchasing exorbitantly expensive motorcycles.

    Imagine riding a helicopter Rolls Royce jet turbine on two wheels; a fire breathing biblical beast named after -what we thought would be- the apocalypse. On your review mirror there’s a melting front bumper of the Prius behind you as you wait for the stop light to turn green. There’s that grin on your face again! as you make mental note to put another flame sticker on your dragon to commemorate another ugly, boring car taken away from circulation. You feel all 320 horsepower coursing through your spine, as you merge on the highway, remembering Jay Leno’s words “It is like the hand of God pushing you in the back” you digress, “damn right! God hates Priuses too”. You make it to work on top of the technological apex of your time, if there is a machine that can explain what the human spirit is about, this is it.

    I ran the numbers, 200 k get me a first generation (early 2000’s) MTT Y2K with the RR turbine, registration, one year of insurance, a couple sheets of flame emoji stickers ? and a six pack of beer (barely)

    1. This is a fantastic choice and melting bumpers while in traffic is high on my bucket list, coincidentally! There’s one important question you left unanswered though… what kind of beer?

  50. As I’m in NZ I’m not even going to try and budget.
    Without going stupid…
    1, My current V-Stom 1000
    2, Triumph Bonneville, The latest version. But maybe the Thruxton.
    3, Suzuki GS1000S in blue.
    4′ BMW R100RS, just sleek.
    5, BSA Bantam. I just want my one back as this was what I learnt on.
    6 Honda TLR 250 Trials. Just fun without the blue smoke.
    7, An original RD 250/350, just fun with blue smoke.
    8, One of the many Ducati virtual race bikes with light. Cause I’d just wet myself.
    9, An older Vespa or Lambretta scooter, just for giggles.
    10, Honda 90 Posty bike. Then go touring on it.

  51. 1950 Vincent Black Shadow 100k
    1977 Ducati 900ss 35k
    1969 BMR R69s 20k
    2012 BMW R1200GSA 10k
    2015 Ducati Monster 1200s 10k
    2017 KTM EXC Six Days 8k
    1974 Norton 850 Commando 8k
    2010 HD Fatbob CVO 9k

    Variety and excellence. In fact I am lucky enough to have all of these in my garage, plus a few more. And I ride them all!

  52. I know the show’s over here but it got me thinking so…

    My present Triumph Speed Triple in white… it’s now a love affair. $13.5k

    Another ’05 Kawi ZX10 in orange… I miss that bike, pre-electronics stuff but perfect fuel injection. Crazy powerful and handled sooooo well. It was the best bang-for-the-buck I have ever bought. A clean one in excellent condition wouldn’t be easy to find (have they all been wrecked or tracked?) but $6k should buy a very sweet one.

    ’74 Honda CL 200… my 1st bike and limited by my dad’s fear (though he allowed me to ride his ’70 Honda CB 350 a yr earlier… go figure.) Clean samples are few and far between but certainly $1000 should buy a garage queen.

    Ok, let’s go for the goodies… an Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory at about $18,500.

    The new HD Pan America… taking a flyer here but, hey, this isn’t for real and I would like to own a couple of genuine American made bikes before I kick and I am still able to travel long distances. If I’m touring its gonna be on an adventure bike, no “touring” bikes for me.

    As my odd “classic” I’d opt for the Moto Guzzi Airone Sport from the mid 50’s. Classically Italian with a typical horizontal cylinder and somewhat eccentric good looks I find this bike to be a piece of rolling artwork. An excellent working example can be had for $10k.

    Let’s load up on dirt bikes…. 6 Kawasaki KX 450 X’s for me and all my friends. We might mix in a Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki or KTM into the mix, maybe one of each, and plenty of spare parts. At about $10k per we’re looking at $60k and another $10k in parts and apparel to start. $70k total.

    Let’s finish with a Super Duke R just because and enough $ left over for a good pile of fresh tires bought as needed. $18,500 + roughly $10k for the rubber & parts.

    1. Hi Trace!

      I love the list, especially the “widowmaker” ZX10 before all the rider aids came into them. What a beast.
      I’m hoping we’ll continue running thought-provoking contests like this every year.


  53. Oh, I left out the garage/shop I would need to add on… about $35k should do it. All added up I think I fall inside the $200k limit.

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