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Motorcycle dealers still open in lockdown

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Despite the pandemic lockdown, motorcycle dealers across Australia are still open and you should be able to legitimately ride there.

We spoke to several dealers who say they are still trading, still buying and selling motorcycles and still selling accessories and rider gear.

However, they do say trade is down because many riders either think they are closed and/or don’t think they can legitimately ride to a dealership during the lockdown.

Dealers open in lockdown

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) has taken the initiative to release a statement advising motorists that motorcycle and car dealerships are still open for sales and service.

In fact, some dealerships are offering a free pick-up-and-delivery service for motorcycles to get them serviced or repaired.

The FCAI, the peak body for the automotive industry in Australia, says it is important that dealerships remain open during the coronavirus lockdown.

“Since the onset of the pandemic, personal transport has increased in importance as it provides a secure, socially distanced manner of commuting to important engagements, such as health care appointments, shopping for essential items, or travelling to work (where necessary),” their press release says.

“To ensure commuters’ vehicles are in prime operating order, dealerships from all brands around Australia have opted to remain open to provide sales support and essential maintenance services.

“This allows customers to safely replace their current vehicle or motorcycle should the need arise.  To facilitate the purchasing process, the Chamber understands that short evaluation or test drives/rides are permissible for prospective customers wishing to purchase a vehicle for their essential commuting requirements. 

“In addition, available after-sales facilities ensure customers are able to have their car or motorcycle professionally serviced to ensure it remains in prime operating condition.”

While strictly observing all requisite pre-existing hygiene practices, many dealers across the country have included additional precautions to safeguard their customers.  

These include:

  • Virtual sales and service consultations;
  • Contact-free drop off and pick up of serviced vehicles;
  • Contact-free delivery of vehicles for evaluation drives;
  • Enhanced detailing and disinfecting practices; and
  • Physical distancing in sales and service facilities.

Legitimate excuse

rona riders Travel bans Will pandemic travel bans ever end? incriminate lockdown
MBW asks a police officer about the travel restrictions

In states where travel restrictions are in place, riders should still have legitimate reasons to ride to their local dealership.

If stopped by police, you should advise them you need to buy riding gear or a part for your motorcycle which you need to get to work, visit a doctor or go shopping.

Or you could argue that you are buying a new or upgraded bike to ride to work.

Make sure it is a legitimate, though!

It worked for this rider who had to travel nearly 400km to pick up a bike he was buying to ride to work.

Police ok drive to buy motorcycle
Police allowed Elliot Redward to travel 400km to pick up his bike

Police may not accept your excuse, especially if you are not riding to a local dealership.

But at least you have given them a legitimate reason.

If they say it’s not a valid excuse, don’t argue. Simply turn around and go home.

Judging by the daily notifications we receive from police about the issuing of Personal Infringement Notices (PINs), it seems they are now providing warnings in the first instance.

Some riders have suggested that you reserve your “right to silence” if pulled over by police.

However, Brisbane lawyer Andrew Evans says not offering an excuse would immediately incriminate you.

Click here for more details on how riders can handle this situation.