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MotoMedics patrol sobers riders

MotoMedics first aid paramedic first responder jade McGuinness patrol

While police patrol motorcycle “hot spots” on covert bikes, a MotoMedics first-responder motorcycle on Mt Glorious seems to have had a more preventative effect.

In their first full weekend of operation MotoMedics Queensland has reported no incidences, despite a very active weekend for riders around Brisbane.

MotoMedics is a volunteer riders group who will act as first responders to injured motorcycle riders while they wait for the ambulance to arrive.


So far they only have one motorcycle, a white Yamaha FJR1300 with “MotoMedics” livery.

Co-founder Jade McGuinness says the bike seems to have had a calming effect on other riders.

MotoMedics first aid paramedic first responder jade McGuinness patrol
Jade with the MotoMedics Yamaha

“They see the bike and probably think it’s the police patrolling and they slow down,” he says.

Jade says he supports more visible police patrols on the roads to act as a deterrent.

We followed Jade over the mountain and also noticed riders slowing down when they saw the bike.

MotoMedics first aid paramedic first responder jade McGuinness patrol
MBW chats with Jade

However, we didn’t notice the covert police BMW K 1300 pass by until Jade told us about it later on.

It illustrates Jade’s point about visible police patrols. It also provides anecdotal evidence that a police covert patrol is pointless if it doesn’t deter riders from dangerous behaviour.

MotoMedics first aid paramedic first responder jade McGuinness patrol
A sobering sight for riders

Meanwhile, Jade says they have already had good support from Moreton Bay Regional Council and hope to extend their service to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast hinterlands in 2017 and throughout the nation within five years.

Moreton Bay Regional Council Division 11 Councillor Darren Grimwade recently met with representatives from MotoMedics to discuss funding opportunities and eligibility through council’s community grants program.

“Council’s community grants program provides financial support to community organisations in the Moreton Bay Region for projects, events and initiatives that benefit our residents,” the councillor says.

MotorMedics will also approach motorcycle companies for sponsorship to get more motorcycles patrolling other areas popular with riders.

Jade says any type of motorcycle that can fit their emergency first-aid equipment would be suitable. It doesn’t need to be fast as they abide by all speed limits when on patrol and attending an incident.

MotoMedics first aid paramedic first responder jade McGuinness patrol

Co-founder Ryan Chase says they have three other qualified paramedic volunteers who will ride on roster between Friday night and Sunday afternoon.

Ryan believes there is a vital need for a first-responder patrol service to fill in the waiting time between a crash and the arrival of an ambulance.

“Response times on the mountains for a Queensland Ambulance Asset can take time as they need to come from the Gap or Samford/Maleny,” he says.

“By placing ourselves already on the mountain we have the ability to proceed to an incident when QAS is responded but begin administering critical first-aid until an ambulance can get on scene.”

So far, the not-for-profit MotoMedics has one suitably equipped Yamaha FJR1300 but they hope to raise funds through a Gofundme campaign for more bikes.MotoMedics first aid paramedic first responder jade McGuinness patrol

Jade says they will be wearing full riding safety gear and apologised for not wearing a jacket while on patrol at the weekend.

“I just wanted people to see the MotoMedics logo on my shirt and grow the awareness of our service,” he says.

MotoMedics patrol

MotoMedics will attend any incident on the mountain, including those where the rider does not feel as though calling an ambulance is necessary because their injuries are minor.

“We can also attend these incidents and assist where it’s not advantageous to allocate QAS to non-life-threatening scenes,” Ryan says.

“Of course this is a call the rider needs to make and we request 000 be called for any incident involving a bike and rider going down.”

Ryan says riders should always dial 000 first, then dial their Operational Duty Phone Contact on 0499 544146. Emergency first-aid apps motomedics insurance hurdle

They won’t break any speed limits and won’t be running lights or sirens, but when they arrive at the crash scene, they will activate emergency lighting for safety.

Rostered times and dates are on their social media channels including Facebook and Twitter with constant updates on patrol days.

All volunteers have re-certified in Queensland with Advanced Senior First Aid and Advanced Resuscitation.

Business enquires via email.

  1. The cynical old prick I is, wonders how long it will be before the cops make these guys change the livery of the bike used.

    “They see the bike and probably think it’s the police patrolling and they slow down,” he says.

    Would it not be cutting into the revenue raising activities?

    1. I know it’s one of the reasons I was looking at a used fjr at team moto. Strange how drivers “didn’t see you mate” yet can spot a police motorcycle shape, silhouette and style out of moving traffic. I guess bikes that hit your wallet are extremely visible. About time drivers in a SMIDSY were hit with big fines and loss of points. Suddenly bikes will be visible. I’d be interested to see the stats for the 1m rule and cyclists and the drop/rise in collisions.

  2. What the hell……of all people to wear just a t-shirt on a bike…..excuse just for pics is ridiculous

  3. This is not the sight I would want to see as a first response if I was laying injured. No safety gear for a start – no excuse acceptable. And hardly a fit individual focused on a healthy lifestyle.

    Get some safety gear and lose a some pounds and you won’t look quite so scary to someone looking up at you and you would have a lot more credibility to administer first aid.

    1. Fred Hollows was fat & a card-carrying communist.
      I’m pretty sure he did more to improve other people’s health than Mr Schlanger :))

  4. Funny how a nice old bloke on a second-hand bike can do more for road safety than
    all the police hooning round the mountain in their sneaky undercover vehicles.
    But then, it’s not about road safety, is it?

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