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Moto Guzzi Is Selling a Lot of V85 TT Motorcycles

Moto Guzzi V85 TT
Image from Moto Guzzi

It’s Selling Better Than Expected

Moto Guzzi has a winner on its hands with the V85 TT. The motorcycle is selling like crazy, according to The LA Times. Apparently, many people are trading in their non-Moto Guzzi machines to get their hands on a V85 TT, and that’s exactly what the company was hoping would happen. The publication reported that Moto Guzzi has actually added to its workforce and added overtime to its increased workforce to meet demand. 

Moto Guzzi’s V85 TT is a serious hit. The LA Times reports that around 70 percent of the riders who trade in a bike to get the V85 TT are trading in a non-Moto Guzzi machine. This means they’re trading in BMW machines, Triumphs, etc. Moto Guzzi could regain a spot near the pinnacle of the motorcycle industry if this keeps up.

“That was our goal, to take new customers from the other brands,” production manager Nello Mariotti said recently to a group of media members including The LA Times. “We must make owners of other brands know, what is Moto Guzzi.”

Some people were aware that the bike would be a big hit due to the pre-orders. “We had more pre-sales on this than any bike we’ve ever sold,” said Ed Cook, operator of AF1 Racing motorcycle shop in Austin, Texas. “It’s a fresh new design, and a fresh new motor, and it’s a really good bike. Customers are excited about them.”

That’s the kind of praise you want to hear if you’re a potential buyer, and it’s exciting to see Moto Guzzi’s machine taking off. It certainly looks the part. Hopefully, some time down the road we’ll get one to review.