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Langen Motorcycles 2-Stroke Is a High-Powered V-Twin

Langen Motorcycles 2-Stroke

It Has Got to be a Screamer

Boutique British bike outlet Langen Motorcycles has a new 2-Stroke machine that features one of the most interesting engines I’ve seen in a while. It’s a fuel-injected 90-degree Vins two-stroke V-twin that makes a lot of power for its modest displacement. The engine is only a 250cc but it makes 80 hp at 11,700 rpm. 

Vins is an Italian company founded by ex-Ferrari folks. CEO Vincenzo Mattia said, “Our Vins engine is capable, in standard configuration, of delivering 75 hp at 11,500 rpm. It looks like a brutal engine, difficult to use, but thanks to the electronic control and the management of the exhaust valves, we manage to manage the engine’s delivery arc within very high torque values ​​at the bottom without excessively compensating the delivery.”

Vins has an engine that has passed UK homologation for street use, according to However, the Langen Motorcycles 2-Stroke appears to be only for closed course riding only. I’m not seeing anything on the website about a street-legal version of the bike, but there’s always the chance Langen will figure out how to make it so. If Vins has an engine that can do it, then I don’t see why not.

The Langen Motorcycles 2-Stroke isn’t just about the engine, though. The bike only weighs 247 pounds in total. That makes it a true featherweight. That means the 80 hp is a whole lot of power for this machine. It also gets Ohlins 43mm suspension up front, twin shock bespoke Ktech Piggyback Razors in the rear, twin HEL radial billet calipers, a six-speed gearbox, Dunlop Classic TT100 GP Radial, and a carbon fiber gas tank.

The motorcycle has a price tag of £30,000, which is around $37,700. So, this machine won’t come cheap. A lot of that price is wrapped up in the engine, but the other high-end components also contribute. If you want a two-stroke these days, you have to pay for it.