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Jeeps Electric Bicycle Is Available and Expensive

Jeep bicycle

The First Jeep-Branded Two-Wheeled Machine

Jeep Wranglers are pretty expensive, and as you might imagine, the company’s fancy new electric bicycle is priced accordingly. Orders for the bike recently opened up and the electric bicycle is priced at $5,899. That’s quite a bit. I know there are more expensive bicycles out there, but that still seems pretty high.

The bike has a Bafang Ultra 750-Watt electric motor that makes 118 lb-ft of torque. It’s good for about 40 miles of range on a single charge, too. The bike has front and rear suspension and some 4.8-inch fat tires. Those impressive stats still don’t seem impressive enough for nearly $6,000.

Still, the Jeep bike is interesting and it’s something we’re likely to see other automakers make, too. Hopefully, those options will be a little less expensive, though. What irks me about the price is that you can find similar bikes in terms of specs and capabilities for around $2,000. Sure, those bikes won’t have the Jeep logo on them, but are those four letters really that important? To me, they certainly aren’t. Maybe I’m the only one, though.

I know this isn’t really a motorcycle, but with Ducati and other companies playing around with electric mountain bikes, it’s worth noting that this will be a part of the two-wheel landscape in the future. You can check out the Jeep bike here