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3-Time SBK World Champion Troy Bayliss Rides the Ducati MIG-RR E-Mtb

Ducati MIG-RR E-Mtb

He Sounds Pretty Impressed

We’ve reported on Ducati’s MIG-RR E-Mtb before. Until Ducati puts out a legitimate electric motorcycle, this is one of the best things you’re going to get. Yes, Ducati has an electric scooter, but this bike is arguably a cooler two-wheeled machine. The bike is a pedal assist, meaning you still have to pedal the bike to get access to the battery’s power. That said, the assist makes riding much easier than it would otherwise be.

Recently Ducati had Troy Bayliss, the amazing three-time Superbike World Champion racer, take out the MIG-RR E-Mtb. Bayliss hops on the bike and takes off through some seriously tough terrain in the video below. He also gives his opinions of the bike, praising its suspension and overall riding experience. Obviously, Ducati put him up to it, but I’d like to think Bayliss wouldn’t endorse a product he doesn’t believe in. I bet this mountain bike is actually a killer machine.

It has me thinking about what an electric Ducati motorcycle could be. While I would love to see a high-end, high-performance Italian electric bike, I also wonder about Ducati doing something on the lower end of the performance spectrum that’s actually a motorcycle and not a scooter or a bicycle. I’d get behind that. If you want to watch Bayliss rip up some trails, check the video below. It’s pretty cool.