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Is Jarvish X-AR helmet the smartest yet?

Jarvish X-AR augmented reality HUD smart helmet

There have been many smart helmets promised and some released with various levels of technology, but this Jarvish X-AR helmet promises to combine just about everything as well as voice control by Siri, Amazon Alexa and OK Google.

We assume Alexa and Google will allow you to record your favourite TV show, add to your diary and answer all those important questions you never thought you needed to know while out riding!

The Taiwanese X-AR helmet is expected to be available “sometime in 2019” and will feature voice-activated retractable head-up display so it isn’t in your face the whole time.

It also promises to have active noise-cancelling, “advanced augmented reality” (whatever that is), integrated satellite navigation, Bluetooth intercom, and front and rear 360° cameras.

The cameras will not only record video on 16 GB of internal storage plus a 256GB card slot but also to use the rear camera as a rear view mirror! 

Jarvish promises to deliverJarvish X-AR augmented reality HUD smart helmet

It promises to show “critical information” such as bike speed, local speed limit, time, weather, chance of rain, media, phone calls, fuel stops, compass, navigation, traffic alerts, and even “road slip notifications”.

That’s a lot of information available to overload the rider and possibly make the helmet very heavy, although it does claim to have a lightweight polycarbonate and carbon-fibre shell.

There is no information about weight, price, battery life, or technical data such as map sources that would provide the road slip notification, but they claim it will be ECE and DOT approved for use throughout the world. 

Smart revolution

There have been many smart helmets promised, but only a few have materialised and not with all the trimmings as this promises. 

So it would be understandable if riders were sceptical about this product materialising as promised next year.

However, at least they are not asking for crowd funding as most others have, including the infamous Skully which squandered its funding on fast cars and fast women and was then supposed to be resurrected by now. 

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