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Jail for driver who hit bike and fled

hit-run courts court

A Sydney woman is serving an 18-month jail term after she fled the scene of a crash in which her car hit a motorcycle head-on in April last year.

Molly Cahill, 23, of Sans Souci, was found guilty in Sutherland Local Court in May 2020 and sentenced on 2 July on dangerous driving charges.

Police told court Cahill was driving her Peugeot hatchback on the wrong side of Forest Road in Peakhurst about 1.20am on 8 April 2019 when she hit a motorcycle head-on.

Rider Tony Nissirios, 38, and his female partner Sam, 26, were thrown from their bike and suffered multiple fractures.

Molly Cahill hit run crash Sydney committed
The Sydney hit-run crash scene (All images: Channel 7 Sydney)

Driver fled

Cahill fled the scene, abandoned her car nearby and texted “I think I’ve hit someone”.

She was later arrested at her Sans Souci home and taken to Kogarah Police Station.

Since her first court appearance she has also been found guilty of drug and assault charges and was placed on an 18-month community order, ending in September 2021.

(Apologies for this late article due to my clerical error that listed the sentencing date as 20 July.)

  1. Sentencing often seems inappropriately light, however in this case I think the judge got it right.

    1. I got hit by a female driver who ran a red light. Driver claimed they could not speak English (which was a lie). Driver as far as I am aware was not even charged for negligent driving. I was off work for over a year and could not walk for over 3 months

      1. Long time ago now, but I also got hit by a red light runner and was lucky to survive. Peak hour Melbourne CBD and this guy was at least 4 seconds late, planted the foot in his Govt car with his school aged daughter in the passenger seat. He only said one thing to me: Yep, “Oh, I didn’t see you”. Cops told me they charged him with running the red light. Should have been + dangerous driving at least.

  2. Excellent, hopefully the 18 months has her reflecting on the physical & mental damage she’s caused the rider with pillion..though going on the newer assault & drugs charges, I’d doubt it!

  3. Better than what the bitch that hit me head on got. I was nearly killed, lost my job and she got a neg driving fine and got on with life.

  4. Driver that killed our son attempted to leave the scene but was stopped by other motorists. Local police refused to call Crash Investigation Unit & claimed our son was at fault despite the driver making an unsafe right hand turn at an intersection. The police local area commander told me “Not only has your son’s reckless riding taken his life, but its traumatised that poor bus driver.” A senior police officer that attended the scene happened to have the same surname as the bus driver. It took me 4 years & the involvement of my local member to have the Crash Investigation Unit (CIU) review the crash. The CIU cleared our son & expressed their shock that they were not called to the crash & that our son had been found at fault. We received an apology from an Assistant Commissioner of Police but nothing from the local police & the driver has never even been cautioned, let alone charged.

    1. Now that’s disgraceful, I’m very pleased at the end result but serious poor form & deraliction by the attending officer 🙁 Hopefully he was disciplined!

  5. 18 months is a pathetic sentence. The courts are far too lenient. Sick of seeing real arse holes effectively avoiding suitable penalties.

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