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IXS Provides New Sleek Touring Boot With the Tour Techno-ST+


New Foot Tech Incoming

IXS is taking the next step (pardon the pun) in footwear technology dedicated to motorcycle riding safety. In their new boot, the Tour Techno-ST+, they are utilizing KPU micro-injection technology that adheres the protective plastics to the fabric of the boot itself, eliminating air pockets and other key areas that can compromise your safety in the event of a collision.

KPU micro-injection can be seen on the toe cap area, as well as the reinforcements around the ankles. In a more traditional boot, you will need to sew in or glue plastic protection into the boot, whereas in this case, they inject the plastic and bond it straight to the boot fabric itself creating a seamless bong that should (hopefully) withstand the test of time and wear.

The boot features an adjustable calf pad, and solto-TEX plus membrane for breathability and water resistance. In traditional boots, oftentimes you lose a lot of water resistance when you add more seams to the boot itself. Attaching plastic protective pads will always offer more areas for water to sneak its way into the boot, which is what their micro-injected construction seeks to remedy.

Personally, this boot is right up my alley in terms of styling; It’s sleek and understated yet screams “let’s go fast”. I’ve experienced similar plastic-to-fabric mending in nikes before with little success as after a long period of time they began to un-marry from each other. IXS claims this won’t be the case so we can only hope. If the plastic is really injected straight into the fabric as they claim it is, I have a good feeling these will definitely hold up with regular use.

With added safety in mind, IXS was sure to include reflective pieces for added visibility, as well as reinforced heel caps and an abrasion-proof rubber sole. Hopefully, we can secure a pair to review before the end of the season is up (IXS, I’m a size 11.5) as I’m really interested in getting hands-on experience with this KPU micro injection tech. If it’s successful I’m sure we can see this tech coming to other boot manufacturers in the future.

The boot is offered in both men’s and women’s variants with sizes ranging from 36-48. The catch for this boot is the retail price of $229USD. That is a very fair price for a boot with new technology and all the protection you may need for riding fast.