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Is This the Exhaust System for the Next Suzuki Hayabusa?

Hayabusa exhaust patent
Image from Ride Apart

Hopefully, It Makes Joyous Noise

We reported a while back that Suzuki has a new Hayabusa in the works. Now we may be seeing the first patent for the next model. According to RideApart, the company has filed a patent for a new 4-into-2 exhaust system. It looks like it could be used on the next Hayabusa superbike.

Crafting a new exhaust system is a delicate science. It has to sound good, but not be too loud. It also has to allow the engine to breathe enough to create good power without spewing too much unwanted junk into the environment.

According to the diagrams obtained by RideApart from the U.S. Patent Office, it looks like Suzuki has struck this balance through the use of an asymmetrical system that optimizes gasoline flow while keeping noise and pollution at a minimum. One side of the system has a larger exhaust pipe than the other.

According to RideApart, the larger exhaust pipe also has a gas valve that opens at higher revs. When the machine is at low revs all four cylinders send exhaust fumes through the smaller side of the exhaust. This type of system allows for quiet operation at low revs and lovely loud noise at high revs. 

Hopefully, as time goes on more info about the exhaust system and the next Hayabusa as a whole will surface. I’m pretty certain Suzuki will make the bike pretty awesome. It has a lot to live up to, and the company would be smart to build a serious performer to attach the Hayabusa name to. I also wonder if it will still be ugly? I hope not.