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Installation Service at ‘Amazon Approved’ Motorcycle Dealerships

Amazon Approved

Now You Don’t Have to Install Those Parts Yourself

Did you just find the perfect set of new tires for your bike on Amazon? Do you not really want to put them on yourself? Soon you’ll be able to go to an Amazon-approved dealership to have the work done. An article at YouMotorcycle, shed some light on the new service connected to Amazon.

Apparently, when you check out at one of the world’s largest online retailers, you’ll soon start seeing the option to select to have the parts installed at a dealership near you. The dealership options offered by Amazon will be ones that are approved by the company.

The feature is supposed to help better serve Amazon customers, and it sounds like it could be a helpful one or at least make the process more seamless. Amazon will begin rolling out the service soon at major cities across the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Australia. 

The feature will be focused specifically on motorcycle tires, but I think it would make sense for the company to start rolling it out for other products sold on the site, too. I could see things like brakes, batteries, and other consumables being able to use the same feature. 

Tires make the most sense because it can be a genuine pain in the but to get old ones off and new ones on. Other things it can make more sense to do yourself. Still, some people don’t want to do any maintenance and this could be a way of helping identify a good shop in your area. It makes sense for the dealerships, too. It’s a good way to bring new customers into the shop and make a good impression for possible future sales.