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Most important motorcycle tool

Victorinox Cybertool M tool
Victorinox Cybertool M

What is the most important tool any motorcycle rider can carry with them?

We’ll cheat and say a multi-tool such as a Victorinox Swiss Army knife.

Apart from having a number of useful functions, the tool is small and conveniently folds up into a shape that should not cause any injury to you in a crash, even if you carry it in your jacket pocket.

We have featured Victorinox products before as they are made of quality material and are built to last.

One of their latest is the Cybertool M ($235) which has 32 functions in a medium pocket knife size. Victorinox took the traditional Officer’s knife functions and added tools like a bit wrench to match new standards in the electronics industry.

It’s only 91mm long and weighs just 153g, but packs a hefty number of tools and features, including Combi-pliers.

So there shouldn’t be too many roadside maintenance jobs you can’t perform with this tool.

You can even take notes with the pressurised ballpoint pen!

You could also learn about many more tools at

Cybertool M multi tool features

Large and small blades; reamer, punch and sewing awl; can opener; mini, 3mm and 6mm screwdrivers; bottle opener; wire stripper; key ring; toothpick; tweezers; stainless steel pin; pliers; wire cutters; wire crimper; scissors; multipurpose hook; corkscrew; slotted 4mm bit; three Phillips bits; three Torx bits; bitwrench; 4mm and 5mm female Hex drive for bits and D-SUB connectors and a Hex 4 bit.

The various bits come in a special fold-out case.

  1. The problem with multi tools like these is unless you’re macgyver who could machine a crank shaft with one it seems they’re next to useless for doing anything that may need doing on a bike. Short of undoing a screw to change a light globe or cutting some rope to tie down a load the most useful thing they can do is open a beer bottle.

    1. Agree, totally useless for working on something like a bike. The price is $235.00, I think I would stick with the toolkit that comes with the bike as I doubt a corkscrew, fish descaler, fishing hook extractor, nail clippers etc. will be of much use in a roadside breakdown.

  2. Without the right tools, easy jobs can get complicated. A stuck bolt gets stripped, or a carefully balanced bike falls off a makeshift stand. On the other hand, working on a motorcycle with the right toolslike thesecan be a pleasure

  3. Have you looked at the Leatherman range? I think they are much more hard wearing and also come with a 25-year guarantee on each component!

  4. I have been carrying a Swiss Army Knike “Champ” model since 1997, on a belt pouch. This model has a magnifying lens amongst all the other tools mentioned above. The pen STILL write flawlessly, 22 years since I acquired the unit. I have had to replace the spring (a couple of dollars is all) on the scissor twice, but apart from that the knife and and ALL of it’s tools have never given me any trouble and due to the superb workmanship and the build quality, is as good as knew, except perhaps that the red plastic plates are slightly burnished with a few scratches. AS for the utilitarian functionality of the unit, I cannot even begin to say just how incredibly useful it has been to me. As a solo rider, this knife is an indispensable part of my everyday kit.
    I am quite intrigued by the model shown on the post here… replete with Hex and Torx drivers!

  5. If you find any kind of trouble in your Motorcycle during your trip, then taking motorcycle service on road is very expensive. So, its better to have your own handy tools !

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