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Honda: Updated CB300R Gets A Handful of Upgrades for 2022

A view of the 2022 Honda CB300R
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Honda’s 2022 CB300R is finally getting a slipper clutch!

In a report from MCN, we’re told that the A2-compliant machine now meets Euro5 standards, with the free-revving, liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke punting out 286cc (roughly 25 hp and 20 lb-ft of torque) through a new exhaust. 

This particular economical scoot might not have any ‘soulful’ notes added to the acoustics for 2022, but Honda makes up for that with the new assist and slipper clutch, alongside a new brace of new 41mm Showa forks (courtesy of the CB650) – and that includes new figures for the spring and damping rates, too, apparently. 

A view of the 2022 Honda CB300R

Holding up the caboose is a five-stage pre-load adjustable rear shock, which Honda claims “offer[s] more front end feel and bump absorption, with a single four-piston front radial Nissin caliper, 296mm hubless floating disc, and two-channel ABS bringing an additional safety net.”

The report also tells us that “prices start at £4899 OTR, with bikes arriving between May and June 2022.” 

We’re expecting a minimum base MSRP of around $4700, with a later arrival date given that the bike will likely be hitting UK dealerships first before becoming available to the colonies. 

A view of the 2022 Honda CB300R

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*All media sourced from MCN*

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  1. A much better proposition than the CB250 which is being released in india.
    No doubt we will have the usual crop of naysayers posting here who will say ” if only Honda had made it a twin cylinder or if only ………. it was 26HP or if only …….. it had 3 wheels , I would buy one.