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Honda Sells Over 10,000 CB350 Units In Three Months

2021 Honda H'Ness CB350

10,000 Motorcycles Sold In Three Months

India has been in full-craze over the new Honda H’Ness CB350. The 350cc low-displacement motorcycle is a callback to classic styling and heritage roots thanks to its posture and retro-inspired design. When the motorcycle first came out in late December of 2020, Honda managed to record an astounding 1000 units sold during the first month. These sales have only exponentially picked up since then and Honda has reached its 10,000 unit sold in just three months.

10,000 motorcycles sold in three months is a major milestone, even for the big-red OEM. Deliveries for the H’Ness began on October 21st of 2020 and as word spreads, the sales figures are exponentially climbing.

To take “that’s crazy” to another level, the H’Ness CB350 is only available in India at Honda BigWing dealerships. The BigWing network is a collection of Honda dealerships that stretch across India’s major cities and specialize in the sales of Honda’s ‘top-of-the-line’ motorcycles, meaning big Red managed to sell 10,000 of the same motorcycle through only 23 locations. Honda has plans to expand the BigWing network this year and is looking to secure a total of 50 dealerships this year to support the recent large surge in sales.

HMSI’s Sales and Marketing Director Yadvinder Singh Guleria said in a statement: “H’ness CB350 is well appreciated for its modern-classic design, advanced features, refinement & build quality, not to forget the rich distinctive roar of the exhaust note,”

“With a limited BigWing network, we have already crossed the 10,000 sales milestone in a short time, and are carrying backorders as well across several towns. We thank all our valuable customers for their love and trust in brand Honda. We are making efforts at the backend to reduce the waiting as well as expanding our BigWing network fast to more towns, to serve our customers better.”

  1. As I read this article I keep thinking why not us? Yes, I know we in the U.S. say that often about bikes we just don’t get here in the states. It is as if we are pigeonholed that we only want sport, adventure, or cruisers with lots of farkles…but I think there are lots of us who just don’t fit on a Rebel 300 or are not attracted to the X-300, MT03, or 310R, etc. and would be very receptive to the retro style small displacement bike like the H’ness. I think Royal Enfield with the Meteor 350 when/ if it comes to the US will be a hit.

    1. They may be late to the party, but I’m sure Honda will bring this bike over to the US at some point. It’s selling far too well. Let’s pray, brother!

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