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Here’s Your First Look of the Yamaha MT-03

2020 Yamaha MT-03

A Bike Worth Considering

I’m still a little miffed at Yamaha for not letting Jim and I ride the Niken at 2019 AIMExpo, so I considered letting this one slide right past my radar, but that would be doing our good readers a disservice. So, here it is in all its glory, the Yamaha MT-03. The new small MT model is the latest edition to the Hyper Naked lineup and its a nice-looking motorcycle.

The MT-03 features a 321cc parallel-twin engine. It’s actually the same engine that’s in the R3. That engine should make the bike a formidable lower-displacement machine. There’s honestly quite a lot that this bike shares with the R3. That is not a bad thing. The R3 is a killer motorcycle and the MT-03 should be a good naked counterpart.

The bike features some busy and modern bodywork and some fancy new LED lighting. It has some new 37mm inverted front forks, according to MoreBikes, and a mono-shock in the rear. That should be enough to make this a good bike for a wide variety of riders. I’d love to get in the saddle of the new MT-03. I love smaller displacement bikes and if Yamaha ever lets us ride their bikes, I’ll be lining up to get on this one.