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Here’s How Much Vespa is Worth in 2023

A Los Angeles Vespa dealership.
A view of a showcase room in a Los Angeles dealership. Media provided by Vespa.

A new study from Piaggio Group has given us Vespa’s current worth – and considering today’s market saturation levels, the Italian luxury moped/scooter brand ain’t doing half so bad for itself. 

According to the official press release from Interbrand, Piaggio’s commissioned study put Vespa’s value at a +19% growth of €1.079 billion compared to the previous year’s €906 million.. For all of us on the Western side of the pond, that amount equates to around $1.165 billion USD – a significant amount of joie de vivre, to be sure.

A front quarter view of a LEGO Vespa scooter.
Vespa’s 125 scooter, created in collaboration with LEGO. Media provided by LEGO.

Joining forces with other giants in the industry is a great way to expand brand reach, and Vespa has made sure to land multiple partnerships over the years. Names that helped lift the Vespa name to global recognition include collaborations with the likes of Disney, Justin Beiber, and French luxury fashion house Dior, as well as the film “Luce (2021) and LEGO

Here are today’s key markets for luxury Vespa scoots: 

  • Italy
  • France
  • Germany
  • Spain
  • USA
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Indonesia
  • China
  • India
Four Vespa scooters.
A view of Vespa’s scooters. Media provided by Interbrand.

Naturally, Interbrand’s Global Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) deems Vespa’s value right on point: 

The term ‘iconic’ is often overused, but there’s really no other way to define this brand… Our valuation work doesn’t only set into numbers the success of this desired and demanded brand, it also shows how Vespa can signify freedom and joie-de-vivre well beyond the boundaries of mobility and into new arenas.”

“The caliber and the success of the brand’s partnerships speak for themselves.”

– Manfredi Ricca, CSO, Interbrand (Interbrand)

Vespa has come a long way since their post-WWII debut in 1946, and we are proud of every brand forging a new path in our markets – though there’s a special place in our hearts for monikers – like Vespa – that carry their iconic silhouettes into the future with such pride. 

*Media provided by Vespa, as well as Interbrand and LEGO*