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Hefty price for new Honda Monkey Bike

2018 Honda Monkey Bike hefty price

The new Honda Monkey Bike has ABS, LED lighting and a 150% engine capacity increase to 125cc, but you will also pay a hefty ride-away price of $5999.

Honda Motorcycles Australia have got to be kidding!

That hefty price is about the same as most 300cc road bikes on the market. And it doesn’t stack up when you consider the 125cc Honda Grom costs only $3349 (+ORC).

Honda’s new Monkey Bike will be available in Australia in July.

Air-cooled2018 Honda Monkey Bike hefty price

It is still powered by an air-cooled engine, but it’s now a 125cc air-cooled, fuel-injected, SOHC, two-valve with 6.7kW of power and 11Nm of torque.

The Monkey Bike weighs in at a puny 107kg and includes a 5.6-litre fuel tank with an amazing 1.2L/100km (189mpg) economy that provides 373km of range.2018 Honda Monkey Bike hefty price

It has also been modernised with five instead of four gears and a standard clutch with a lever, not a centrifugal clutch.

The 2018 Honda Monkey Bike comes in three traditional colour schemes with just enough retro chrome.

It will be available in all markets with ABS as standard by Honda’s choice, rather than forced by legislation.

ABS is becoming mandatory in a lot of markets, including Australia, but only for bikes over 125cc.

The Honda Monkey Bike also features a modern inertial measurement unit that stops the rear from lifting under heavy braking.

2018 Honda Monkey Bike hefty price

The frame is still a steel backbone with an oval cross section swingarm, but now has upside-down forks and dual shocks with 12-inch wheels.

Hefty price to pay

It may be modernised and have a certain fun appeal, but you have to wonder how well it will sell at such a hefty price!

Mind you, an old Monkey Bike owned by John Lennon sold through H&H Classics at the National Motorbikes Museum for £56,250 (about $A100,300, €63,150 $US77,900) last month.

It is the highest price paid for a monkey bike and almost double the estimated price of £30,000 (about $A52,000, €33,700, $US40,000).

John Lennon on his Honda monkey bike valuable hefty price
Lennon on his monkey bike


  1. WoW ! Would have sold buy the boat load if it was the same price as the Grom,
    Honda must think we are monkeys eh?
    Same as the Z900 RS would have sold out, shipment after shipment if it was $15000 on road
    (& with a center stand), instead of gathering dust on the showroom floors.
    The 2006 Ducati 1000 project bike is looking awfully good here.

  2. Even though a monkey wears silk, it’s still a monkey. Does it come with a promotional bunch of bananas? Just asking.

  3. Reminds me of the old Honda 50cc Minitrail they had back in the 70s!

  4. Wow, that’s at least $1500 over priced.

    My name is down on the waiting list but i won’t be buying one at that price.

    1. I just found out about this today and straight away signed up. Like the article I compared the Grom price but thought ‘I won’t be surprised if Honda tries to cash in on the collectable appeal given that of the 50cc series’. Yep..bit sad as at $6,000 my likelihood of buying one just took a heavy knock. Dang I WAS so excited.

  5. Well there goes sales… I will buy one when a dealer goes out of business or on the used market. Let them sit and become new old stock, after a couple years when everyone that has to have one gets their quota filled they won’t be able to give them away. Just like the Grom.

  6. Well they are pretty much all sold out in Victoria, I hear there may only be another delivery to Australia then that’s it, they turned out way way for popular than you thought I guess.

  7. That price is outrageous. There was a local bar their beer was twice the price of anybody else same beer they went under somebody else bought the bar put the beer at half the price and is driving today it’s not how expensive it is it’s how many can you get out at a good price and make lots of money you can’t sell the bike if it’s too expensive I guess Honda has it like that yet

  8. To be honest I thought the bike (finally in the flesh) looked a little underwhelming. Sure it will be a collectors item, sure it looked cool but I dunno maybe it’s the size…just not as cute as the little 50’s. I haven’t spotted a single one in use on the road, not even for a nice Sunday arvo ride. So Honda have made a collectable for a few, hardly anyone one see…what the owners are going to preciously look after them to double their money in 10-20 years…woopee-do. Not great for brand awareness except in the build-up. As I said at the start ‘underwhelming’.

    1. Hi Ben
      I read your comment about the cute little 50. Wondering if you have any idea how much a Honda monkey bike, 2004, full mot , 2950 miles ,in excellant condition would sell for.
      We would appreciate any guidance.

  9. Well I had one as a kid and it’s all about memories for me so had to get one and if ur crying about the price ..well ur to broke to afford big boy toys lol

  10. I got mine, in banana yellow, dealer wouldn’t budge on price, but ha ha ha I’m having so much fun, seen it, want it, got it, Riding it having a great time, now I don’t care about price because it’s payed for and in my opinion worth every cent to meet many happy people on a monkey bike while enjoying ones self.
    I’m doing it now before someone gets hurt and the government bans monkey bike…
    Throw me a banana hahaha thanks honda well done

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