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Harley open-face helmets

Harley is taking it up to Bell with their new range of custom-painted open-face helmets.

Bell has returned to Australia after 18 years with a range of helmets including some very tasty Custom 500 open-face helmets, some painted by Roland Sands Designs in LA. Now Harley has struck back with some custom lids of their own.

Harley helmet
Hard Candy Custom Black & Gold Flake Scallop ($295)

Harley open-face helmets:

  • Hard Candy Custom Black & Gold Flake Scallop ($295)
  • Hard Candy Custom Red Flake ($295)
  • Black Label #1 Retro Satin Black ($255)

Harley-Davidson Black Label #1 Retro Satin Black helmet copy
Black Label #1 Retro Satin Black ($255)

That’s at least $100 more than the similar Bell helmets, but I suppose that’s the price you pay to have one of the world’s top 10 most recognised trademarks on your head.

I’ve worn the Bell helmets and they are an ultra-slim, low-profile design with a nice satin liner that feels very comfortable.

I haven’t tried the Harley helmets yet, but they don’t look as low-profile as the Bell, but the paintwork certainly looks as good, if not, better.

The Harley Hard Candy Custom finish is the same as is available on some of their bikes. It is inspired by the custom big flake paint popular in the 1960s and ‘70s. AGV makes the fiberglass shell for Harley-Davidson.

They have a Double D-ring fastening system and a soft inner-liner with microbial treatment and faux leather.

Harley also has a range of full-face helmets which are strangely cheaper than the open-face lids: Relentless Matte Black ($195), Relentless Gloss Black ($195) and Incinerator Gloss Black & Flamed Graphics ($221).

All Harley-Davidson helmets are AS1698 certified.


  1. Please advise where I can buy a hard candy flake helmet from within Australia
    0405814022 many thanks Kylie

  2. Hi Can anyone tell me about Bell Harley Davidson Helmets? I have this old helmet and I was wondering if you could tell me if it is a mens or a womans and how old it is. The tag says made in Italy and the number on the box says, SPRINT/OF/BLK 98084-89V-L . What can you tell me about it? It has a Harley Davidson logo on the helmet and the box. Is it authentic Harley? Is Bell an authorized Harley helmet manufacturer?

    Thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. Steph,
      There is no such thing as a male or female helmet, only different sizes.
      As you can see in this story Bell is one of several helmet manufacturers who have, from time to time, made helmets under licence for Harley, so it is authentic. However, I’m surprised it says Made in Italy. Bell is an American helmet manufacturer. Are you sure it’s not an Italian AGV who have also made helmets for H-D?
      Sorry, but I can’t help you with the age of the helmet. However, if you are concerned about wearing an old helmet there are ways to check whether it is still suitable. Run your hand around inside and if it comes out with a lot of black specks, the lining is old and deteriorating. Don’t wear it. If the lining is ok, pull it out and check for any cracks on the inside of the shell. If there are, don’t wear it. I wouldn’t wear a helmet over five years old.

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