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Harley-Davidson Installs 2.24 Megawatt Solar System Onto Roof Of Manufacturing Plant

H-D Is Good For the Environment

We Energies (a subsidiary of WEC Energy Group) has taken their technology to the doorstep of Harley-Davidson’s Menomonee Falls production plant and installed a 2.25-megawatt solar farm supported by 8400 solar panels.

The entire roof of this huge production facility has been completely engulfed in solar panels as the company takes a step closer to being as carbon neutral as possible. With the introduction of their EV motorcycles such as the LiveWire, it’s fairly obvious that Harley is pivoting their business plans away from gas-guzzling V-Twin monsters, or perhaps they’re just attempting to offset the overall impact that their staple motorcycles produce on the environment. Regardless, the company has been taking a very responsible approach to working towards lower emissions across the entire brand’s ecosystem.

Due to the large-scale nature of this system, the power won’t all go directly to the manufacturing process of Harley-Davidson motorcycles as this grid is strong enough to keep 1000 homes powered during the day. Much of the power generated from this solar farm will go back into the grid to be resold and used.

We Energies also has partnered with many other companies across Wisconsin (Ikea, Air National Guard, etc.) to lease the space located on many of their large building for more solar farms.