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Harley introduces children to motorcycles

Harley-Davidson museum children

Children are learning about motorcycles, riding, engines and Harley-Davidson at a hands-on Harley-Davidson display in the Manitoba Children’s Museum in Canada.

You can’t blame the American motorcycle manufacturer for trying to instil some brand loyalty from an early age.


The motorcycle exhibit allows kids to get a feel for riding a motorcycle and learning about the details of motorcycles such as engine parts, how they work together, custom motor parts and accessories that are interchangeable.

And so the kids look the part, there are children’s sizes in leather jackets and helmets available for dress-ups.

The viewing screen in front of the motorcycle gives the illusion that the children are actually riding.

Harley-Davidson museum children

We would like to see displays like this in all museums to encourage children to ride and gain an appreciation of the thrills, freedom and need for safety on a motorcycle.

There is nothing kids love more than to sit on a motorcycle. Check out this family who couldn’t wait to sit on my Harley in North Queensland.

Harley-Davidson museum children

If more children were introduced to motorcycles – or at least bicycles – at an early age, they would have a better appreciation of vulnerability, road craft and road safety.

However, our nanny state society has greatly reduced the number of children who rides bicycles.


The Harley museum display also serves to instil brand loyalty at an early age.

It even includes a pretend Harley-Davidson dealership where kids can go, browse, check out the pretend service department and visit the “Build-It Bay” to accessorise a bike with seats, mirrors, pipes and other components.

To ensure educational value, there are also maps and math problems.