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Harley Bugatti concept motorcycle

Harley Bugatti Atlantico concept

Take a very American iron horse, throw in some 1930 French art deco car design and you get the stunning Harley-Davidson Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic concept bike.Harley Bugatti Atlantico concept
It’s the work of Hungarian car and bike designer Tamas Jakus whose Jakusa Design house fuses old-school and futuristic design concepts.
The Jakusa Atlantico is modelled on the curvaceous 1936 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic of which only four were built. Two remain today. One was sold a few years ago for more than $40 million and the other is in the Ralph Lauren collection.
The pre-war roadsters were ahead of their time with a supercharged engine and aerodynamic bodywork.
But back to the Harley Atlantico.Harley Bugatti Atlantico concept
It takes a Fat Boy and encases it in aerodynamic bodywork, a grill-covered engine and bold solid wheels.
It’s an adventurous concept, but like the original Bugatti Type 57SC, it might be a bit ahead of its time, so we don’t think Harley is ready just yet to make such a bike.