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Green light set for group riding

Dangers of organised group rides numbers pass biker

Riders should be able to travel in a group of up to 10 under the first step of National Cabinet’s three-step plan announced today (8 May 2020) to ease coronavirus restrictions.

Latest travel restrictions info for all states and territories here.

Group limit

Dangers of organised group rides numbers
Group of 10 riders

However, it appears that a group of up to 10 will be permitted outdoors, which should give the green light to groups of riders and pillions.

They are already allowed to ride and gather in groups of up to 10 in Western Australia and South Australia.

Riders will still have to practise social distancing when they stop at their favourite cafes or restaurants which have also being given permission to open.

WA riders must stay in their regions, but from Monday SA riders can ride throughout the state.

NSW riders can ride for exercise.

From May 15, Queensland riders can travel up to 150km radius for recreation (500km if they live and travel in the outback). 

150km radius from western Brisbane
150km radius from western Brisbane

For a Brisbane rider that means south to the border, north to Gympie, west to Dalby and southwest to Stanthorpe.

There is currently no limit if you are visiting another household from this Sunday (10 May 2020).Travel

Victorian riders are still housebound unless they are travelling for work, education, groceries, medical reasons or to visit a partner with whom they do not live.

Premier Daniel Andrews says he will announce an update on eased restrictions next week. Not that riders will be likely to venture out this weekend given the weather conditions.

Travel limits

Social distance Hugh Douglas Mt Glorious Cafe cops
Riders gather at a popular cafe

The Queensland 50km radius limit which started last weekend and still exists is believed to have led to overcrowding of riders at various cafes on popular motorcycle routes.

Extending the radius limit to 150km will allow riders to go further and find less-crowded venues to stop for a coffee and a meal.

Queensland Police Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler has advised motorists that they will have additional resources patrolling for breaches of travel restrictions this weekend, particularly on the Gold Coast.

Riders in most states, except South Australia and Western Australia, should be aware that you cannot yet travel to a location and stay overnight.

So any ride you do will require you to return home the same day.

Tourism accommodation will be allowed in Queensland in the second stage from June 12.

You also cannot cross borders without official exemptions. Queensland hopes to open its borders in the third stage from July 12.

Official health sites

These are the official rules for your state or territory:

  1. I’m in full support of the measures implemented from the beginning, though 300 klms would have been a more realistic for S/E Queensland, with motorbike family and friends spread from the Sunshine to southern Gold Coast, it limits a ride meet up at Queen Mary Falls.

  2. Why wait another week to extend the riding distance to 150 ks if the current restrictions are causing overcrowding at local cafes etc.
    The restriction was not necessary in the first place as shown by other states with no motorcycle restrictions. Another bad decision by the current QLD government.

  3. From May 15, Queensland riders can travel up to 150 klm radius for recreation (500km if they live and travel in the outback).
    For a Brisbane rider that means south to the border, north to *Gympie, west to *Dalby and southwest to *Stanthorpe.
    *Gympie 178 klms
    *Dalby 208 klms
    *Stanthorpe 216 klms

    1. Hi Angus,
      The rule is 150km radius which is as the crow flies.
      By road, it may be more as you say.
      From my house in western Brisbane, I can make it to all of those places. (I’ve now added a map to the artice.)

      1. Hi Mark,
        Arrrrrrr sorry, as the Crow flies, my mistake, so we could potentially keep riding for as long as we like providing it’s within that 150 radius of home? 😛

  4. No ‘green light’ in NSW as yet – yes you can ride a bike as means of exercise (or going to work / shopping) – outdoor groups of 10 people allowed in one place. No advise that groups of 10 people can travel around together (eg on bikes or in a bus) . Regional travel still not allowed – “Don’t travel to coastal or regional NSW”

  5. All this restriction is the biggest load of crap!!!
    After the first four weeks we were able to cope with this and even then the medicos knew ventilators didn’t help!!
    This virus started with only a few people infected and spread , when we go back to social distanced interfacing it will still be round and still infectious . So what do the governments intend to do when the numbers of infections go up , as they probably will .
    Tell us all to run away and hide again ?
    This infection phenomenon has to be managed and at the same time people need to live their lives .
    As Tom Berrison said in the movie platoon “we all gona die sometime”

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