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When you are in business for as many years as we have been,and quality bikes are being produced, it’s gonna happen where you have some guys build them more than one bike. This is the case with the piss flipper. For those who follow us and know the “shitty shitty bang bang”, was built for our friend Johnny. A year ago he decided he had to have a pre unit triumph and our old apprentice Sander was selling his project. We told him we would build it but he had to let us go nuts and build what we wanted but in a style he would want. His only real request was to have no cables showing on the bars. Engraved by John Huff in New Hampshire. Painted by Kandyman Kustom paint.

Built In: U.S.A.Bike Style: Chopper

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 Golden Piss Flippah Bike Specifications – Choppahead

Class Styling Chopper
Engraving Engraving
Exposure/Publication Magazine Cover Bike
Featured Parts KickstartOpen PrimaryBrass / Copper Accents
Frame Triumph Frame
Gastank Alien / Egg Gastank
Motor Brand Triumph
Motor Size (metric) 0650cc
Oil tank Pill
Paint Color(s) YellowGoldOrange
Paint Theme Metallic Flake
Seat Solo SolidmountLeather / Handtooled
Suspension Front Springer
Suspension Rear Rigid / Hardtail
Tires Auto Radial
Wheels Standard 40-80 spokes