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Gear Grind: Airbag Pants From Swedish Brand MO’CYCLE

A pair of motorcycle airbag pants from Swedish brand MO'CYCLE

I was going to start off with a long list of pear-shaped jokes, but I think I’m going to hold my silence for the people that could benefit from this invention – because there’s huge potential here. 

A Swedish company – Airbag Inside Sweden AB – has just created their first airbag collection under the brand MO’CYCLE after having their airbag pants crash-tested and approved in 2021.

This is following a 300,000 Euro investment from three members of Dragon’s Den (Shark Tank), expediting the brand’s already accelerated progress in getting the pants out to the community proper – and once they make this collection public, they’ll be the first brand to offer commercially available motorcycle airbag jeans, period. 

A pair of motorcycle airbag pants from Swedish brand MO'CYCLE

“The 1st version motorcycle jeans were leather enforced, the 2nd version was kevlar enforced and the 3rd version are now airbag enforced,” explains their website

“Unlike torso airbags, which rely on electronics to fire the airbag, the Mo’cycle airbag jeans are fired by a mechanical tether,” adds a report from Top Speed

“A built-in CO2 canister then inflates the cushion elements. Of course, impact protection is one thing but there is still abrasion resistance to consider. To that end, the jean outer is made with UHMWPE fibres, something the makers claim is 17-times stronger – while being 8-times lighter – than steel.”

A pair of motorcycle airbag pants from Swedish brand MO'CYCLE

While we’ve seen a few airbag pant prototypes here and there, we’ve yet to see something with such mass potential – fingers crossed we get one of these bad boys for the Safety Gear Docket.

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*All media sourced from Top Speed*