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Four new Harley helmets available

Harley helmets range

Harley-Davidson Australia has been without a line of helmets for a while, but now they have a range of four new styles; two open-face and two full-face.

And the new helmets aren’t expensive!

The Shorty half helmet preferred by riders in hot climates is only $99, while the Retro 3/4 open-face helmet is $169.

Harley Shorty (left) and Retro helmets
Harley Shorty (left) and Retro

The full-face models aren’t expensive either with the matte-black Fulton costing $169 and the top-of-the-line Victory Lane in gloss black with colour graphics only $179.

Fulton (left) and Victory Lane
Fulton (left) and Victory Lane

They join the top-quality FXRG helmet at $686 which I have been wearing for a long time.

It’s one of the most comfortable and quiet helmets I’ve owned. It’s streamlined, low profile and narrow so it doesn’t look like a bulbous block on my head.

The anti-scratch and anti-fog visor comes off quickly and it’s well ventilated.

Harley helmet range
Harley FXRG full face helmet

Harley doesn’t make the helmets but appoints known helmet manufacturers to make them under licence.

The company doesn’t usually reveal the manufacturer, but thiese are made by American helmet manufacturer Bell.

The FRXG is made by HJC and they have had helmets made for them by Italian company AGV, so these are not inferior quality “el cheapo” helmets.

Harley ensures all their products live up to their high standards and these have a quality feel to them, although the Fulton that I tried is quite noisy.

Yet they are so affordable, you could buy more than one to suit changing riding conditions.

I’ve often seen riders heading to rallies wearing a full-face helmet with an open-face helmet strapped to the rear seat or sissy bar.

They are also cheap enough to replace every few years so they stay in the best protective condition.

Harley advises you change your helmet every three to five years depending on how often you wear it as sweat, natural hair oils, cosmetics and the sun’s UV rays will gradually break down helmet materials.

You’ll know when it’s time to replace the helmet as it will start to feel loose.

  1. I’ve been looking at getting a new full face helmet, and I considered the HD range, noting I ride one. They look good. But I found that it pays to look insider the helmet if you are wanting to know where it originated. The cheaper full face ones are made by Bell in China. That might be OK by some people but I’d prefer to steer clear, mainly because in my experience helmets are worth a few extra $$ for things like liveability, longevity and just plain comfort.

    I like the look of the FXRG helmet but if it is made by HJC, you are definitely paying a premium for the HD branding compared to what some Australian websites that sell helmets online want for a similar topline HJC helmet — that means circa $170 for the HD branding! At that price, it should be a Shoei or Arai-derived helmet. Perhaps buy the plain HJC and add stickers? Hell for that price I’m sure you could get a customised addition added. All down to what the user wants, I suppose, but that is too blatant a rip off for me.

    I’ve decided to wait until ‘early 2016’ when the new helmet laws commence in NSW. This may shake the market up a bit and open options for better priced helmets in the medium to high end range.

  2. I had an AGV helmet once. Never again! It started falling apart within months. As for the other manufacturers making “HD” helmets, no thanks. These helmets would be about as good as H-D motorcycles: in other words, rubbish. I’ll stick with Arai and Shoei. Funny that H-D would bother with helmets anyway, as most of their customers would prefer not to wear helmets at all. Not much to protect anyway, mostly.

    1. HD’s aren’t rubbish Graeme. What personal experience do you have on this topic? My HD is great.

      I really do wonder why some haters hate so much. Oh that’s right … according to Graeme, the rocket scientist, I haven’t got much upstairs like every other HD rider. Before I get distracted by my short attention span, feel free to tell HD riders where they can meet you to talk through your beliefs…

      1. First of all, I have experience of my brother’s HD – worst bike I’ve ridden. Secondly, our neighbour was killed a few weeeks ago on his HD because of his Harley “uniform” of “beanie” helmet and ape-hanger handlebar. The lack of a proper helmet resulted in his jaw ending up in a place it shouldn’t have been and the ape-hanger handlebar penetrated his chest and lungs. But, oh my, didn’t he look cool riding around like this with his 3-foot beard blowing in the wind! Definitely not much up top in his case.

        1. Firstly, condolences to whoever this poor blokes family are. How about we show him some respect and not speak ill of the dead.

          If you regard your brother’s HD as a defining experience of what all Harley’s are like, then more fool you. As I said, mine is great and I’d happily recommend the brand to anyone looking for a cruiser, as well as encourage them to ride a Indian or any brand. I also accept that Harley’s or cruisers more broadly aren’t for everyone. I dig all breeds.

          I recall previous articles on this Forum that made the point that HD riders are statistically the happiest with their bikes and also clock up the most k’s. That isn’t said to disparage any other rider or their choice of bike. For mine it’s an indicator that 1000’s of HD owners do not find their bike ‘rubbish’. Plenty of these same people would have more brain cells then you and I combined, too, I’d wager.

          For the record, I don’t wear a ‘Harley uniform’. Got a full face helmet and full leather jacket. Draggin Jeans. Full gloves, great boots. I don’t deserve a reward for this, it is a personal choice. I certainly have a opinion about wearing full protective gear but you know what — one of the many reasons I ride bikes is because of all the personal choices and freedoms it gives me. Why would I get on a Forum or anywhere else to run down others ‘legal’ choices or comment on their brand of bike with bugger-all personal experience on the matter? I’d rather go enjoy my ‘rubbish’ bike while allowing my ’empty head’ to enjoy the experience.

          Safe riding.

      1. Do you know how and where I can find the HD victory lane helmet. None of the harley stores have them. Can I special order it somewhere? Thanks. Jason

  3. “sweat, natural hair oils, cosmetics and the sun’s UV rays will gradually break down helmet materials.” Mostly a myth, along with the notion of replace a helmet every three years. Pure marketing hype, suitable for the people who people who are willing to believe it. Ever seen any objective, truly valid testing confirm any of these replacement claims? Of course not. And you won’t.

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