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Fly Free opens electric motorcycle orders

Fly Free Smart Desert

Californian electric motorcycle company Fly Free has opened up pre-orders for their retro bikes starting at just $4159 (about $A5870) through an Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign.

Backers will not get a refund if the bikes do not go into production and there is no guarantee they will.

However, the Long Beach company have already raised about 50% of their $US50,000 ($A70,650) “flexible goal” with a month still to go.

So it seems likely they will achieve enough funds to start production.

Backers get up to 35% off of the retail prices.

Fly Free hope to deliver the Chinese-made bikes in December but there is no word yet on exports to markets outside North America.

Models and range

There are three models in the range and they come in single or double battery configurations.

The single battery provides range of 80km and a top speed of 65km/h.

If you buy a second battery at $US899 (about $A1270) through their Indiegogo campaign, it doubles range with a maximum speed of 80km/h.

Retail price for the extra battery after the crowd-funding campaign will be $US1299 (about $A1835).

So they are obviously targeted at city riders only.

However, you can double the range by buying an extra battery order as they holds two removable lithium batteries.

Perhaps they are looking at a battery swap solution as suggested by Taiwanese scooter company Kymco.

Range will also be varied depending on the mode you select: Eco, City and Speed.

Their claimed range is calculated on riding in Eco mode. Click here for details on the electric range “hoax”.

They feature a smartphone app that acts as a smart key to unlock and start the bike.

It also warns the rider when the bike’s battery drops below 50% and if someone is trying to steal it, but only if the rider is within about 50m!

All bikes feature LED lighting, twin rear shocks and disc brakes, although there is no mention of ABS.

Fly Free Smart Desert

Fly Free Smart Desert

The cheapest model is the Fly Free Smart Desert, inspired by the “Desert Sled” Triumph that Hollywood and motorcycle legend used to race in the Californian desert.

Steve McQueen’s 1963 Triumph Bonnveille “Desert Sled” smart desert
McQueen’s Desert Sled

It comes with retro knobbies and will be available in red, black-and-white camouflage, grey or beige from $US4159 through the Indiegogo campaign.

After that, it will cost $US6399 (about $5875) and extra for the second battery.

Fly Free Smart Old

fly free smart electric motorcycle

This brat bike features low bars, retro road tyres, bar-end mirrors and over-sized round headlight.

It comes in white, black, blue, or silver starting at $US4679 (about $A6600) for Indiegogo backers.

Retail price will be $US7199 (about $A6610).

Fly Free Smart Classic

fly free smart electric motorcycle

This is also a cafe racer, but with solo seat, rear cowl, fly screen and two-tone paint options at starting $US5329 (about $A7500) for Indiegogo backers.

Retail price will be $US8199 (about $A7530).

Fly Free are pledging to donate 4% of net profits to a (yet to be selected) non-profit that will focus on cleaner air and water.

All Fly Free motorcycles have a range of options and accessories such as side plates, seats and luggage.

You can even buy racks to mount a surfboard, snowboard or free electric motorcycle

Fly Free tech specs

  • Motor: 3kW continuous, 7kW peak
  • Torque: 200Nm (147lb-ft)
  • Top speed: 80km/h (50mph)
  • Battery capacity: 72V 25.2Ah (1.8 kWh)
  • Range: 80km (50 miles) in ECO mode with one battery; double with two batteries
  • Charge time: 5-8 hours
  • Riding modes: ECO, CITY, & SPEED
  • Max climb grade: 36%
  • Brakes: Hydraulic disc brakes
  • Suspension: Hydraulic fork and dual rear hydraulic coilover shocks