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Evoke Motorcycle’s High-Powered Electric Cruiser Can Charge to 80 Percent in 15 Minutes

Evoke Motorcycles 6061

Evoke Could Put Every Other Electric Bike to Shame

Harley-Davidson, Zero Motorcycles, and even Lightning Motorcycles should be shaking in their boots. Evoke Motorcycle has a high powered cruiser called the 6061, and it not only can charge up to 80 percent of its battery capacity in just 15 minutes, but it puts out 160 hp and 200 lb-ft of torque, according to electrek. Holy moly.

The company has some seriously special battery modules in its newest motorcycle. The rapid charging is possible due to the way in which the system controls the thermal range of the battery modules.

Evoke has developed the hardware and software to make recharging the bike easy thanks to six modules that are an integral part of the motorcycle. “The modules are permanently fixed and make up a semi-structural component of the bike,” said Evoke CEO Nathan Siy.

He went on to say the charging stations work in China with DC fast chargers, and that the company is working to integrate with European and U.S.

The top speed and acceleration numbers for the motorcycle have not been officially released. It was set at 81 mph. Now Evoke says it’s higher than that. The range, too, has not been released, but it’s said to outpace the other bikes currently on sale. That should mean more than 200 miles of range. Also, with 80 percent charging in 15 minutes, you might be a little less concerned with range.

Evoke has not announced pricing. The company’s first bike, which is less impressive sells for under $10,000. The 6061 will likely be priced well above that, but competitively with other electric motorcycles for sale right now. There will be a China rollout first, and then the bike will come to the rest of the world.