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EICMA: Valentino Rossi Rides One More Lap for November

A view of Valentino Rossi advertising for the One More Lap event scheduled by Yamaha

Yamaha’s nine-time Grand Prix World Champion is set to compete in his final MotoGP race in two short weeks at the Valencia Grand Prix. After this point, The Doctor will rest on the laurels of his 22-season premier class career and wave goodbye to his contracted days on the track with MotoGP. 

To celebrate the occasion, Yamaha is hosting an event called “One More Lap.” Booked into the EICMA MotoLive Arena and scheduled for November 25, the event will be free (though limited) to anybody participating in 2021’s EICMA – and make sure you purchase your tickets by November 9th, because RideApart tells us that the tix will come with a wee perk:

“those that purchase admission in time will receive an email directing them to a special portal. On November 18, 2021, at 9:48 a.m., EICMA will open the webpage for attendees to reserve their One More Lap spot. During the event, Vale will share stories from his historic MotoGP career and partake in a lap around the exhibit’s short race track.”

Valentino Rossi waving to fans while on his Yamaha supersport machine

Talk about bang-for-buck value. 

Prior to One More Lap, Rossi will be setting his last two races in stone with a round at Portugal’s Algarve International Circuit on November 7, followed by the final race at Valencia Grand Prix a week later.

Despite what the rest of November brings, we’re still excited to see what Rossi’s dedicated MotoGP team gets up to in the coming seasons. Stay tuned for updates, and as always – stay safe on the twisties.