North America’s #1 Adventure Tourer: Harley Davidson Pan America 1250 Special

A close-up of the unique headlight on the all-new Harley Davidson Pan America

Pop a bottle of bubbly – according to a morning press release from the company itself, Harley Davidson’s Pan America Special has been officially presented as the top adventure-touring bike in its category!

The American company has had a lot on the table since the integration of its 5-year “Hardwire Strategy” in 2020. 

A view of a rider leaning against the all-new Harley Davidson Pan America

Originally created to preserve and rewire the company into the next generation, the 5-year flip involved an extension into new corners of the moto community – and as of today, we can say that the Pan America (Harley Davidson’s first adventure-touring bike) was a strong step in the right direction. 

A view of a rider tricking out on the all-new Harley Davidson Pan America

“Taking inspiration from our heritage, we wanted to create a motorcycle that redefined the adventure touring category and most importantly was designed and built in America,” says Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, CEO, and President, Harley-Davidson. 

Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, CEO and President of Harley-Davidson, enjoying the all-new Harley Davidson Pan America
Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, CEO, and President of Harley-Davidson, astride the Pan America

“With the Pan America Special now the #1 selling ADV motorcycle model in North America, we targeted a selective expansion into adventure touring as part of the Hardwire Strategy to reach new and existing Harley-Davidson customers.”

A view of two riders enjoying the all-new Harley Davidson Pan America

“Pan America is squarely built on our mission to deliver a timeless pursuit of adventure for our riders. Those who now own or have tested one of our Pan America’s absolutely love this bike – having sold out of our 2021 allocation, we are excited about what the future has in store for Pan America and for the Adventure Touring category at Harley-Davidson.”

A side view of a rider tricking out on the all-new Harley Davidson Pan America
Our hats off to the American company for their push to adapt in an ever-challenging environment.

If you like what Harley’s up to – or are still making up your mind and need a little push – check out Harley’s current model lineup.


  1. Tom
    August 30, 2021


    • August 30, 2021

      Hey Tom!
      The news came via an emailed press release from Harley Davidson that was delivered this morning.
      I’ll tweak the article so it’s in there.

  2. sam
    August 31, 2021

    on whose list was it #1? Could be like wine or whiskey – 1,000 different awards available. Hard to imaging the PanAm beat out the 1250GS .

    • September 1, 2021

      Hello Sam,
      Some of us here at wBW (cough cough, Jimbo, cough cough) are under the impression that Pan America’s self-titled label of ‘adventure tourer’ puts the bike in its own category….so we’re thinking the model would naturally receive this distinction, being one of the only models in its category.
      There were some chuckles around the proverbial newsroom table when chats happened on this subject….curious to see what you guys think.

  3. Bob
    August 31, 2021

    Not hard at all to believe Harley beat out BMW. In fact it’s damn funny that Harley has better technology. Adaptive seat height that BMW doesn’t have and an engine that doesn’t need valve adjustments like the ancient design on the BMW. Valve adjustments? What year is this 1937?

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