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Ducati Starts a GoFundMe Campaign for Carlin Dunne

Carlin Dunne

It’s Sad This Is Even Needed

Carlin Dunne died competing in the 2019 Pikes Peak International Hillclimb. He was a legend at the event, having previously won it four times and being the first person to break the 10-minute mark. He was the King of the Mountain, and now with his passing comes the need to celebrate his life and support those closest to him.

Ducati North America and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb created a GoFundMe page. Pikes Peak International Hill Climb donated $932 to kick things off. The amount represents Carlin’s estimated time of nine minutes and 32 seconds had he finished the race. That time is a testament to how fast and how good of a racer he truly was.

All of the proceeds will go to Carlin’s mother to help her during this difficult time and to help pay for Carlin’s celebration of life ceremony. The celebration will happen in Santa Barbara, California, and should occur a month from now. The goal for the fundraiser is $100,932. So far, as of this writing, only $35,479 has been raised.

I would encourage fans of Dunne and fans of Ducati and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb to donate to this fundraiser. It’s linked above. Dunne was an amazing racer and sounds like a fantastic person. Ducati put together a short video of Dunne’s final day. You can view the video below.

  1. VW own Audi, Audi own Ducati
    Dunne died whilst racing for Ducati

    it’s absolutely incumbent on vw to do something , they have billions in reserve.

    I don’t know anything about Carlin dunne, I stopped watching any road racing when Karl Harris died at the IOM TT
    I’d watched him many times at Brands Hatch and Thruxton in British superbikes ,
    seeing Karl’s name on the list of the dead made me feel genuinely sick and angry that he was , on the face of it, reduced to risking his life on public roads, for not much or no money .

    rest in peace to both of them .

  2. This seems pretty obscene – ducati should just cough up the money and stop preying on other peoples’ sentiments. Their $900 donation is what they charge for 2 of their carbon fiber rear huggers. Awful

  3. VW paid $909 million for Ducati, and they want us to cough up for their employee? Sorry, no.

  4. I actually agree with everyone here. Ducati should be the ones footing the bill here. Dunne’s contribution to the sport and to Ducati cannot be understated. They should set up a foundation in his name or something to honor his legacy for years to come. However, if this is the only way to get money for his memorial and for his mother, then I’m all for people contributing.

    1. I do not think anyone understood who started the GoFundMe for Carlin.
      I believe it was the PPIC committee who has set up the campaign in Carlin’s name in support of his mother Romie. Ether way, I’m sure when it all comes down to it, Ducati will be donating much more. The $932 donated was donated by the PPIHC committee.

      1. i know pikes peak started the fund me

        we want vw to make a sizable contribution, officially or not

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